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DbVisualizer 9.5 - What's New

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DbVisualizer 9.5, the new feature release, is ready for use after a period of beta testing. Improved support for database-specific features has been the focus for this release. Read more for highlights and the change log for details.

Netezza and Redshift

Now supporting IBM Netezza and Amazon Redshift allowing browsing generic database objects, creation and altering of tables, DDL generation, export schema, and more.


In addition to the grand old plan_table support in Oracle, we've added the option to use DBMS_XPLAN to build the explain plan output.


Event scheduler management. New actions for table maintenance.


It is now possible to display any outputs made with the DBMS_OUTPUT package. Now supporting listing and managing roles and new actions for table maintenance.


Better support for delimited identifiers and DELIMIDENT.


Now possible to access multiple PostgreSQL databases from one DbVisualizer connection. Previously separate DbVisualizer connections were required for each PostgreSQL database.

New support for tablespaces, servers, event triggers, and management of pgAgent jobs.

DB2 z/OS

Even though DB2 z/OS is not a fully supported database in DbVisualizer the following improvements has been made:

  • Now possible to manage comments for table, column, index, view, trigger, function, and procedure
  • Actions to manage materialized query tables
  • New support for: temporary tables, synonyms, sequences, users, roles, tablespaces, databases, and storage groups

Sybase ASE

Introduced tbe Schema level in the database objects list to conform how the majority of supported databases are organized.

New support for managing triggers and managing devices.

SQL Server

Introduced tbe Schema level in the database objects list to conform how the majority of supported databases are organized.

This version also introduce management of SQL Server Agent jobs and schedules.


New functionality for management of triggers.


New functionality for management of triggers and functions (aliases).

Table columns listing

The columns listing for tables now show what column(s) are primary key and sizes.

... and more

  • New icon library
  • High-res images for Mac Retina displays
  • Improved Result Set Merging
  • Lots of enhancements in how action UI's can be layout
  • Updated versions for bundled JDBC drivers:
    DB2 LUW, DB2 z/OS 4.19.49,
    H2 1.3.176,
    MySQL 5.1.38,
    NuoDB 2.4,
    PostgreSQL 9.4.1208.jre7,

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