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Any result set produced by a query in the SQL Commander can be visualized in a chart. Chart is a popular presentation format in the Monitor feature.


A result set presented in a line chart.
Result Set as Line Chart

Result set as a stacked bar chart. Regular bar chart is also supported.
Result Set as Stacked Bar Chart

The pie chart visualize a single serie (column).
Result Set as Pie

Result set as a stacked area. Regular area chart is also supported.
Result Set as Stacked Area

The configuration options for charts. Here you can define the appearance of the
chart, titles and labels for the series as they will appear in the legend.
Chart Configuration Options
Feature DbVisualizer
» Supports Line, Area, Bar, Point, Pie, Stacked Area, Stacked Bar
» Modify serie label without need to use column aliases in select
» Set chart, X-axis and Y-axis titles
» Pre defined color schemes
» Optional legend at top, bottom, left or right
» Zooming, Export, Print
» Export PNG, JPEG, GIF
» Print
» Copy chart image to system clipboard