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The databases tab is one of the features in DbVisualizer that is used the most. Use it to navigate the objects in the database, run actions and open objects for more details. The object types and hierarchy that is presented are database specific and depends on the database type setting at connect. The list may be filtered to show only objects of interest. Double-click an object to show its details


The database browser in DbVisualizer is the place where you navigate the structure
of objects available in the database server. The information in the tree
depends on what database is being accessed.
Database Browser when connected to a Oracle DB

Every object (node) in the tree has an accompanying right-click menu with
actions specifically for that object. What actions are available depends
on the object type but are typically used to create, alter, rename and remove
objects of that type.
Right click menu actions for a table in Oracle

You may search the database based on object names
Database Search

When you select an object in the Database Browser, you see a number of tabs
in the Object Details pane to the right. What is displayed here depends on what database
you are accessing and the type of object you select.
Table Object Details

Some object actions can be executed for multiple objects in a single run. Actions
not accepting multiple objects are disabled in the right-click menu.
Drop Multiple Tables (and other objects)

Any object can be scripted based on what object type it is. For tables the scripting
feature can generate SQLs such as SELECT, CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE, etc. The scripting
feature is either started using the right-click menu in the databases list or by dragging
the actual objects to an existing SQL Commander editor or on the main toolbar area
to create a new editor.
Table Scripting (and other objects)

Selecting the top level Connection row will show an overview of all connections
and their connection details.
Connections overview
Feature DbVisualizer
» A tree structure to browse and manage database objects
» Multi-object support for open, connect, drop, etc
» Database specific support for
     DB2 for LUW
     Informix IDS
     Mimer SQL
     SQL Server
     Sybase ASE
» Generic database support
» View basic information for
        tables, indexes, primary keys, privileges,
        schemas, databases, procedures and a lot more
» Type-to-find objects by name
» Database objects filtering
» Hide database objects
» Sort database connections and folders
» Search database objects
» Show only default database/schema
» Organize database connections and folders with drag&drop
» Script multiple database objects using drag&drop