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DbVisualizer Editions

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DbVisualizer is available in two editions:

  • DbVisualizer Free
    Free of charge for commercial and non-commercial use. This edition provides basic level features useful for most users.
  • DbVisualizer Pro
    Extends the Free edition with a collection of productivity features such as:
    • Edit Table Data
    • Auto Completion support in the SQL editor
    • Visual Create/Alter Table support
    • Execution of multi statement SQL scripts
    • Charting of data
    • Management of BLOB/CLOB data
    • Export Schema/Database
    • Import data from CSV files
    • Query Builder
    • Foreign Key Data Navigator
    • Explain plan support for some databases
    • Management of views, triggers, summary tables, synonyms, functions, procedures, system tables, triggers, columns primary keys, privileges, constraints, references, DDL, program, modules, data files, table spaces, etc.

    DbVisualizer Pro is commercial and is licensed per user.

Check the feature list for a complete overview of the features in respective edition.