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Export/Import User Settings

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DbVisualizer saves a lot of user settings such as connection details, tool properties and more. The Export/Import User Settings features are used to transfer settings from one DbVisualizer environment to another. If Master Password is enabled the user is prompted for an Export Password that is used when encrypting any passwords in the exported file.


The selected settings are saved in a single jar file. Copy this file to the new
device on which DbVisualizer runs and then load it with Import User Settings.
Export User Settings

If Master Password is enabled, the Export User Settings will first prompt for the
master password and then optionally ask for an Export Password. If the latter is
specified, it should be entered when Import User Settings on the new machine.
Export User Settings when Master Password is enabled

The Import User Settings examines the jar file and shows only the settings
categories that are available in the file.
Import User Settings
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