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The Query Builder provides an easy way to develop database queries. The query builder uses a point-and-click interface and does not require in-depth knowledge about the SQL syntax. The generated SQL may be configured to use the standardized JOIN syntax or WHERE conditions, delimited identifiers and qualifiers.


The query builder is a very useful feature used to build SQL select statements
graphically. Pick tables in the database browser and drag them into the
query builder diagram area or use the quick-add feature in the query builder.
Then draw lines between columns in one table node
and attach to columns in another table node. These lines represent the joins
in the generated SQL. The tabs below the diagram area are used to specify any
Table Diagram and Join Properties

In addition to the previous screenshot the query builder supports loading an
existing SQL statement so that it can be edited in the query builder.
Column Select list

Once you are satisfied with the query, just pass it on to the SQL Commander
for test execution. If you need to make any refinements just
switch to the query builder and continue editing the query.
Generated and test SQL
Feature DbVisualizer
» Design queries with a few mouse clicks
» No SQL expertise is required
» Adapts the generated SQL for the actual database
» Reverse engineer a SELECT statement
» Auto Join of columns by primary/foreign key or name