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References Graphs

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The references graph is a great feature as it automatically renders all primary/foreign key mappings (also called referential integrity constraints) in a graph style. The table nodes and relations are layed out automatically, with a number of layout modes available. The resulting graph is unique as it displays all information in an optimal and readable layout.


This screenshot shows a zoomed portion of the tables in the MS SQL Server,
AdventureWorks2012_CS sample database.
Graph Tables in a Database

Full table details can be displayed in a separate window and selected tables
can be scripted using the Script Table right-click menu feature.
Show Full Table Details
Feature DbVisualizer
» Graph or list of referential integry rules
» Several automatic graph layout managers
» Link table nodes by foreign keys
» Link table nodes by all columns in a foreign key
» Bridge link support to improve readability
» Graph zooming, fit, animation and navigator pane
» Show Table details
» Script Tables as SQL by SELECT, INSERT, CREATE, etc.
» Export and print
» Save/Load manual layouts