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Supported OS'es

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DbVisualizer integrates seamlessly with the supported operating systems, Windows, macOS and Linux/UNIX. Key bindings are configurable and the appearance of the application is highly customizable.


DbVisualizer runs smoothly on the Windows platform, here with the
Windows look and feel
DbVisualizer on Windows

DbVisualizer on macOS with the Aqua look and feel. HiDPI icons on Retina displays.
DbVisualizer on macOS

DbVisualizer on Linux/UNIX with the Synthetica Standard look and feel
DbVisualizer on Linux/UNIX

DbVisualizer with the platform independent Darcula look and feel
DbVisualizer with the Darcula look and feel
Feature DbVisualizer
» Runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux/UNIX
» Configurable key bindings with pre-defined key maps
» Look & Feels for Windows, macOS, Linux/UNIX
» Darcula, the dark look & feel
» HiDPI images on Mac Retina displays
» GUI and Archive installers with option to install Java