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Table objects are the most central objects in any RDBMS. DbVisualizer includes support to visually create, alter, drop and rename tables, with even more database-specific actions added for the supported databases.


The Create Table feature is used to specify the definition of a database table in
terms of columns, keys, indexes, foreign keys, constraints, etc. This screenshot
show the Columns information with the instant SQL Previewer visible.
Create Table

Specify foreign keys to other tables
Define Foreign Keys

The alter table feature enables visual editing of the table structure. This
screenshot also shows the SQL Preview area. This is the SQL that DbVisualizer
will run when Execute is pressed.
Alter Table

The create index table action is used to create non-unique and unique indexes.
Create Index

The CREATE TABLE DDL can be browsed.
Browse Table DDL
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» Create and Alter table
» Define Referential Integrity Constraints
» Rename Table
» Drop Table
» Empty Table
» Create Index
» Table DDL viewer