High interest in DbVisualizer

DbVisualizer 12, release this spring has been well received by our user community.

Interview featuring: Martin Engdahl
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Martin Engdahl is the CEO of DbVis. He is an engineer at heart and has worked with software his entire career.

Positive reception - across the globe The positive reception of our release translates into renewed trust with our customers and we are very glad to see that >90% renewed their license so far this year, as per end of Q1 2021. The reception is also spreading beyond our existing customers and we can see a strong increase in the number of downloads of our software with +38% year on year growth translating into a steadily growing user base across the globe. The growth is about the same in both our Free and Pro versions which we are happy to see.

Collaboration with our users The growth signals that our approach with developing DbVisualizer in close collaboration with our users is appreciated and successful. One key element is the help and insights we get from our loyal beta testers. We are grateful to the 278 users who downloaded the V12 beta version and contributed feedback and reports.

We are happy to see a very positive user response to DbVisualizer 12, our latest major release. We are especially thrilled about the positive reception for our additional supported database, including Yellowbrick, Greenplum, Microsoft Azure SQL, among others
Martin Engdahl, CEO of DbVis Software
Our plan is to have the next release ready in the summer timeframe, and it would not be possible to work at that pace with sustained quality without effective beta testing
Martin Engdahl, CEO of DbVis Software

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