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Subject: I love DbVisualizer 5.0
I am a licensed user of DbVisualizer 5.0. I am very pleased with the product. As I get to know it, the...

John Stanford White

DbVisualizer Pro

Best Of Linux Award

(DbVisualizer got the "Dave Central's Best of Linux Award" on August 9th 2001. Below is the complete article since the original site has been shutdown).

"Every company is different... and so is their software! Some companies buy databases and programs while other ones create their own. But the cross-platform issues that pop up as a result can be killers, especially when companies merge!

To combat these painful headaches DbVisualizer was invented. "It can connect to several databases simultaneously, examine the capabilities of those databases, and create a graphic that shows the referential integrity. Or the DbVisualizer can show the various relationships of items within the product."

Both commercial and Open Source products can be easily viewed with this program through JDBC drivers. A Java Database Connectivity, or JDBC, is an API that allows you to work with various databases in a standardized manner. With the DbVisualizer and a click of your mouse you can be browsing a database's structure and table parameters like columns, indexes, primary keys, privileges, data, best identifier, and much more.

The DbVisualizer allows you to enable one or several SQL statements to be executed either on demand or on a periodic basis. The program also provides support for your parameters SQL statements and it'll allow you to save them in a tree-structure. Interactive sorting can become a thing of the past because the JDBC drivers are loaded using point and click within the tool.

To make life even easier, it's possible to save your preferences within a XML file. You can even set the time, date and number formats in the tool properties. This program rocks, man! The part that I like the best is that no matter why you're using this program, for personal or commercial use, the whole package is free! That's the kind of price that makes business cents!"

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