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If you want a feature rich - I mean, VERY feature rich (it goes far above and beyond competitors), fast, reliable solution to manage databases, AND...

Brien B. - NY, USA

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Adobe Systems
Apple Inc.
Hewlett Packard
Novell, Inc.
sd&m AG
Uber Technologies Inc
VMware, Inc.
BP Oil International Ltd
British Telecom
Netflix, Inc.
Sony Pictures
Merrill Lynch
Arizona State University
Rockstar Games
Twitter, Inc.
Zynga Game Network, Inc.
HomeAway Inc.

DbVisualizer Moves

FAQ: DbVisualizer move from Minq Software,

DbVisualizer has moved from Minq Software to DbVis Software. The following FAQ answers some common questions. If don't find the answer you're looking for please contact us.

Q: Has DbVisualizer been sold?

No, the copyright holder and developer Onseven Software AB has changed its name to the more appropriate DbVis Software AB. In addition, Minq Software is no longer part of the sales channel.

Q: Will this stop development of DbVisualizer?

No, exactly the same development team as before is working as much or more on DbVisualizer. The new upcoming version 7.0 of DbVisualizer is proof that the team is healthy, funded and productive.

Q: How will this affect support?

Not at all. The development and support team remains unchanged. All support obligations that Minq has entered for DbVisualizer are honored by DbVis Software AB.

Q: What has happened?

For historical reasons, DbVisualizer has been sold through Minq Software. We have now decided to streamline the business process, where DbVisualizer has its own company, DbVis Software AB, with direct sales and support, and Minq focuses on its core business PureLoad and related services.

Q: Why did you do this?

We did the split to streamline our business process, gain transparency, and become more accessible to current and future DbVisualizer clients.

Q: Is there a conflict behind this that will spill over on me as a customer?

No, this is an amicable split. DbVis Software AB will continue to be hosted at Minq and we do not foresee any disruption in our day to day business.

Q: What happens to my licenses?

DbVis Software AB will continue to honor all obligations related to DbVisualizer licenses sold by Minq. All future licenses will be issued by DbVis Software AB.

Q: Where do I go for support, new licenses and renewal?

All current URLs and mail addresses will be active for at least 6 months. Please direct all future communications to DbVis Software. Your requests will be dealt with by the same people as before.

Q: What is the new company and contact information?

Check the contact information for details.

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