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When Unicon provides training, we must work with many different platforms and people of various backgrounds. DbVisualizer is our answer to...

Unicon, Inc. - Cris J. Holdorph

Technology Partners

These are the wonderful tech companies we have the opportunity to work with.

DbVisualizer Pro is the recommended SQL client by Exasol and replaces the EXAPlus client. The support in DbVisualizer was developed in a collaboration between the client team in Exasol and our developers. Check the announcement.

DbVisualizer is co-packaged with the Mimer SQL database. Read more.

The DbVisualizer integration, jointly developed by the NuoDB and DbVisualizer teams, features the ability to fully visualize the unique, distributed aspects of NuoDB. Check the announcement.

DbVis Software team up with HP Vertica to optimize DbVisualizer for the Vertica big data DB. Read more.

yWorks GmbH
DbVisualizer uses software from the diagramming company yWorks, the creator of the extensive yFiles diagramming libraries for Java, .NET, and JavaScript. yFiles enables you to add high-quality diagramming functionality to your own software applications.

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