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DB Visualizer is a great tool, I use it all the time. Thanks for this contribution.

Jim McDonald

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Case Studies

This is where you go for the somewhat longer and more comprehensive stories about other organizations using DbVisualizer and what they gain.

Delta Informatique

Delta Informatique is the company behind Delta-Bank, Delta-Payroll and Delta-Fixed Assets. Our flagship product is Delta-Bank, one of the most widespread core banking system in the world. Our customers include the largest financial institutions of the European Union but also medium to small sized banks. Delta-Payroll on its side is particularly known in the petroleum industry and we count as our customers ExonMobil, Total and Shell.

As a project leader on the implementation of Delta-Bank 9.1 in Banka Popullore (subsidiary of Societe Generale in Albania) I had to make sure that I could easily get access to data from my two environments: a PC running Mandriva 2009 and a laptop running Mac OS 10.5. This cross-platforms criteria narrowed my choice to Oracle's SQL Developer and DbVis Software's DbVisualizer. I used both applications in parallel during a few weeks until I definitely switched to DbVisualizer.

While SQL Developer has some neat features when it comes to PL/SQL, for all my other needs DbVisualizer has shown richer features, better interface not to mention greater stability.

I specifically appreciate the table editor which proves to be helpful when I have to copy data from one table which has exactly the same structure of the target table but one or two more columns. Doing this by SQL is a nightmare when your first table has 201 columns and the target one has 200 columns, while with the table editor it is just a matter of copy / paste. Also the export feature of the current SQL query result is the most powerful and user friendly I have seen. The list of export formats covers almost all my needs (just lacks the OpenOffice format) and the ability to save the export settings and share them with your colleagues running DbVisualizer makes at the end of the day a real difference.

Another useful feature is the easy access to the most common DBA views. When you are not a full time DBA you never remember all of them and this always happens at the worst time, when you are in a hurry. In DbVisualizer all these DBA views are organized in a very intuitive way and let you do basic DBA job efficiently (flush SGA, manage recycle bin...).

"This leads me to one of the most convincing point about DbVisualizer: its interface. Release after release lots of functions have appeared but the folks at DbVis always managed to keep the user interface clear and easy to wander."

This clearly differenciate this application from the competition, it has the shortest learning curve in its category, especially considering how rich it now became. No need to plan training sessions or to spend time in tutorials or userguides when you want your team to switch to DbVisualizer: you get productive in a few minutes, and you can standardize your team environment by exporting / importing your settings and bookmarks.

All of this really helped on the implementation of Delta-Bank 9.1 at Banka Popullore: all our consultants had standard settings, ensuring the same output format for all database unloads we were doing for business or technical purposes, also sharing the most commonly used queries.

All in all Delta-Bank was implemented in ten months in this Societe Generale's subsidiary, this project is considered as one of the fastest (this was the first implementation of Delta-Bank in Albania) and one that has led to one of best golives in the core banking industry.

The use of DbVisualizer definitely helped our teams be focused on the bank's needs, getting what they wanted from the various databases, checking the core banking system queries in an efficient manner.
   Sylvain PERCHAUD, Project Leader, Delta Informatique

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