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Case Studies

This is where you go for the somewhat longer and more comprehensive stories about other organizations using DbVisualizer and what they gain.


InCommunication develops database solutions for large commercial banks with DbVisualizer

DbVisualizer allows Börries Wendling of InCommunication to use one tool for all the databases that he develops for. That leaves more time to concentrate on software quality for his financial services clients, and the close to zero administration helps, too.

InCommunication is a small consulting firm with big customers. The company is highly specialized in database solutions that help commercial banks assess credit risk and manage capital. Clients include Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank AG, two financial services giants in Börries Wendling's native Germany.

"Regardless of client, I am faced with heterogeneous environments with multiple databases. It doesn't make sense to purchase, learn and maintain a new tool for every database engine. So I rely on DbVisualizer to allow me to use the same tool regardless of database or OS", said Börries Wendling, owner of consulting company InCommunication.

He is typically involved with development projects based on Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ, Oracle, and DB2. And while he sometimes uses PL/SQL Developer for Oracle, DbVisualizer is what he keeps coming back to.

"I initially chose DbVisualizer because of its powerful free version, support for a wide range of industry standard databases, easy "no admin" installation and the fact that I could use one tool to "rule them all" regardless of database," said Börries Wendling.

He finds that the best features of DbVisualizer are the JDBC drivers for database access that work without client installation, the fact that he can use one SQL interface and the ability to export large datasets, although some of the JDBC interfaces are still somewhat limited by memory.

"DbVisualizer is fun to work with. I have one tool that requires minimal administration and supports all databases. It enables me to concentrate on productive work using all the nice features, including powerful JDBC drivers."

DbVisualizer provides rapid database access for ad hoc SQLs and enables rapid database design, which improves productivity in projects that InCommunication is involved in.

About InCommunication
InCommunication is a small but highly qualified IT consultancy that specializes in database related development work for banks and other financial institutions. Owned by senior consultant Börries Wendling, InCommunication is frequently involved in the development of systems for risk- and capital management. The company is based in Bad Soden in the greater Frankfurt area in Germany. Clients, past and present, include Commerzbank, Dresdner Bank, and Bosch Telecom.

The challenge
While Oracle is a big part of what InCommunication does, it is not the only database. Börries Wendling is faced with heterogeneous environments and saw the need for a development tool that would work equally well with Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ, Oracle, and DB2. As essentially a one-man consultancy, he values low cost, minimal administration and not having to maintain knowledge of numerous database development tools.

InCommunication started with the free version of DbVisualizer and runs a commercial license since 2009.
  • Powerful free version
  • Support for a wide range of industry standard databases
  • Easy "no admin" installation
  • One database tool to "rule them all"
  • JDBC drivers for database access without client installation, one SQL interface, export for large sets
  • Rapid database access for ad hoc-SQLs and rapid database design

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