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Case Studies

This is where you go for the somewhat longer and more comprehensive stories about other organizations using DbVisualizer and what they gain.


Propentus builds permission management systems on customers' databases and operating systems

Finnish developer of permission management systems Propentus has standardized on DbVisualizer for database development and systems administration both in-house and at customer sites. With one user friendly tool, testers, developers and administrators can concentrate on quicker testing, higher quality software, and more accurate systems administration.

Propentus is a Finnish software company that specializes in permission management for large and midsize clients. Being a market leader in their native Finland, the number of database engines and operating systems they have to work with is large and growing. Since Propentus help companies protect their core assets, whatever is running in the customer's data center is what Propentus' developers have to work with. Most installations are built on SOA architecture with integration to legacy systems. In addition, Propentus offer systems management services for their clients' permission systems.

All this leads to the need for a single, versatile database tool that is easy to work with and doesn't require constant retraining on vendor specific tools, not to mention the license costs for maintaining a heterogeneous tool box.

"I was familiar with DbVisualizer from a previous company where I had been using the tool since 2006. So it was an easy choice to bring in DbVisualizer when I joined Propentus in 2009 We use one tool for all databases and that is a huge advantage in a testing environment where quality and productivity rules," said Erik Kallberg, Software Test Manager, Propentus.

Propentus are not unfamiliar with proprietary tools available for Microsoft and IBM database engines, but has decided against using them, very much for usability reasons.

"For the testing work that my group performs, we have actually found the vendor specific tools we have tried lacking in user friendliness. There are limitations in DbVisualizer as well, but overall we have found it a better tool, and for all databases," said Erik Kallberg.

The testers at Propentus appreciate the ease of use, and that you can connect to 10 databases with just one click. It is easy to see what is in a table and it is easy to run queries.

"DbVisualizer lets us use one tool for all databases. It is easy to use and has increased the productivity of my testers, as well as developers and systems administrators. We prefer it over vendor specific tools from large database vendors." Erik Kallberg, Software Test Manager, Propentus

About Propentus
Propentus is a Finnish software company specializing in permission management. It is based in Kouvola, some 125 km northeast from Helsinki
Every day, midsized and large companies and corporations face the increasing need to manage employees', customers' and partners' access rights, devices and access passes. This is very challenging especially in the situations where companies have to manage their access rights while adapting to organizational changes. This also has to be a real time operation and it is required from the effective management of the access rights. Increasingly business critical systems, high turnover of personnel and changes in employees' assignments makes centralized access rights management even more challenging. Propentus' software offering address these problems and hides the complexity.
Propentus customer base include companies and organizations like Andritz, Metso Paper, Rautaruukki, City of Lappeenranta, and UPM Kymmene. More information on

Consolidate four vendor specific and not so user friendly database tools into one tool that can handle Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008, IBM DB2 8.2 and 9.5, MySQL 5 and 5.1, as well occasionally Oracle 11g. The tool is mainly for testing but should work for software development and for systems management.

DbVisualizer for development work and systems administration for all database engines. 5 commercial DbVisualizer licenses and 3-4 persons using the free version.

Business benefits
  • One tool, all databases
  • Testing much easier, and faster
  • Leads to more performance available
  • Helps system administrators both in-house in the development environment and when taking care of customers databases.

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