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Database software for Mac, Windows and Linux

With DbVisualizer you get a simple gui database software that runs on all major OS’es. DbVisualizer is a great database software for Mac, Windows and Linux/UNIX and will improve your sql database management, administration and query optimization. Read more about the DbVisualizer integrations and get your new improved database tool today.

Friendly interface usage

Thanks to the powerful features of DbVisualizer the database software the tool is easy to access and understand even without coding skills or database experience. The interface supports both sql basic queries written in an advanced SQL editor as well as code generating by drag and drop, copy and paste.

About the database software

The idea of DbVisualizer free database software is to have one database tool that connects to all your different databases and runs on all platforms and operating systems. DbVisualizer is custom for developers, analysts and administrators looking for a powerful GUI database software as a tool to run queries, file viewing, sql editor, scheduling, table editor, reporting and much more. DbVisualizer is the swiss army knife of database softwares. For more than a decade DbVisualizer has been optimized from thousands of professional users globally. Whether you are an experienced developer or beginner the user friendly GUI of the software will increase your productivity and save time in your everyday work. Download DbVisualizer Free and evaluate our database software experience.

How to get Free or evaluate Pro edition

It’s easy to download and install the DbVisualizer Free database software. Just click on download and choose the OS you are working on. To optimize your experience of DbVisualizer you can upgrade to the Pro version. Evaluation of the Pro version is requested from within the DbVisualizer tool. Simply open the Help menu and choose Evaluate Pro version to get started with the trial.

Top rated and highly recommended

There are several software comparison sites with unbiased reviews. Hundreds of analysts, DBAs and developers have rated DbVisualizer and compared our software to other similar products.

Database software that connects to your data

DbVisualizer connects to most major databases and JDBC drivers. For common databases we have added support for database specific features, read more.
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Is your favourite database missing?

We support most databases with the generic database driver.

Generic database driver

Many of our users successfully use DbVisualizer with the following databases/data sources:

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