DbVisualizer Free for Vertica.

This is an information web page for users using the DbVisualizer Free for Vertica edition.

Why should a Vertica user get DbVisualizer?

DbVisualizer is a universal database tool that will enhance the user experience for database administrators, developers, and users, particularly those working with analytics. A Vertica user will benefit from optimization to support Vertica features and ways of working in DbVisualizer.

What has been done to support Vertica users in DbVisualizer?

Vertica and DbVis Software have worked together to ensure that features and functionality specific to Vertica are supported in DbVisualizer. This involves describing Vertica specific behavior in an XML file and also some hand tuning to ensure a seamless integration. A number of DbVisualizer features not available in the normal DbVisualizer Free edition have been enabled in the DbVisualizer Free for Vertica edition.

What DbVisualizer edition is right for Vertica users?

Two editions that specifically support Vertica are available; DbVisualizer Free for Vertica and DbVisualizer Pro. They share the same optimization work but offer different levels of DbVisualizer functionality. Which edition to choose depends on whether you need the full DbVisualizer feature set or not. Both editions are considered professional tools and DbVisualizer Free for Vertica offers far more features than the regular DbVisualizer Free edition, but the DbVisualizer Pro version will still be a better choice for advanced users. While both DbVisualizer Free for Vertica and DbVisualizer Pro support other databases on a basic level, DbVisualizer Pro is the one to choose if optimized performance for certain other databases is required.

Can I test DbVisualizer Pro to find out if it is the right tool for my needs?

Yes, a 21 day trial license is available. Just open Help->Evaluate Pro in DbVisualizer Free for Vertica to get started.

Is it possible to use different editions of DbVisualizer in one organization?

Yes, it is possible to use DbVisualizer Free for Vertica and DbVisualizer Pro side by side in an organization, and have a role-based recommendation on which edition to use.

What key features have been added in DbVisualizer Free for Vertica over the standard Free edition?

The integration with Vertica is the main feature with support for Projections and Flex Tables, and several functions normally reserved for the DbVisualizer Pro version have been enabled.

What features does DbVisualizer Pro offer over the DbVisualizer Free for Vertica edition?

The Vertica integration is the same, but DbVisualizer Pro offers a richer feature set and also similar optimization for other databases. Features only found in Pro include schema export, graphs, visual query builder, data importer, and spreadsheet editing of table data. The Vertica specific features page shows what features are supported. The Vertica objects page lists what database object types are supported.

Is there a cost associated with using DbVisualizer?

DbVisualizer Free for Vertica is, as the name suggests, free to download and use. DbVisualizer Pro currently costs $197 for a single user license, volume discounts apply. An annual renewal, currently at $69 per user, is required to continue to get new versions.

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