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DbVis is best of have-it-all database development tool. I've tried many, and luckily found this one. Now, whole dev department using it as de...


Who Uses DbVisualizer

Adobe Systems
Apple Inc.
Hewlett Packard
Novell, Inc.
sd&m AG
Uber Technologies Inc
VMware, Inc.
BP Oil International Ltd
British Telecom
Netflix, Inc.
Sony Pictures
Merrill Lynch
Arizona State University
Rockstar Games
Twitter, Inc.
Zynga Game Network, Inc.
HomeAway Inc.

DbVisualizer is recommended by and for Exasol

Starting with Exasol version 6.1, DbVisualizer is the recommended database tool for Exasol users, gradually replacing EXAplus GUI. DbVisualizer is a universal database tool that has been optimized to support features and ways of working specific to Exasol and Exasol users. This is a joint effort by expert developers from Exasol and DbVis Software.

To get started, you need to download the DbVisualizer software. Without a license key, you can run DbVisualizer Free, a limited functionality version, or request a 21-day trial for DbVisualizer Pro

With a license key, you open up the full functionality of DbVisualizer Pro, including support for features unique to Exasol.

You can purchase the DbVisualizer Pro license or convert your voucher (coupon code) to a license key and use it to unlock the full support for Exasol.

Q: What is DbVisualizer?
DbVisualizer is a universal database tool that runs on common operating systems and supports all major databases. DbVisualizer comes in two version; Free and Pro. You need the Pro version to get the Exasol specific features, as well as other advanced functionality.
Q: Where does DbVisualizer come from?
DbVisualizer is developed by DbVis Software AB, a Swedish privately held company with developers in Sweden and the US. DbVisualizer has been around as a commercial product since 2003 and is a highly focused tool for database admin, development, and data analysis.
Q: Who is responsible for Exasol support in DbVisualizer?
It is a joint, ongoing project between Exasol and DbVis, based on a comprehensive partner agreement.
Q: What is the market position of DbVisualizer?
DbVisualizer is viewed by many as the go-to universal database tool. The Pro version has been purchased by more than 20,500 corporations and institutions in 129 countries.
Q: How do I know if I have downloaded the right version of DbVisualizer?
There is only one download. A license key will open up the Pro version. Without the key, you can only run the limited functionality Free version.
Q: Can I get more DbVisualizer licenses?
Yes, you can buy licenses at Volume discounts apply. Or you can choose to run the Free version for some of your users.
Q: What is the difference between the Pro version I get here compared to Pro licenses I may already have or decide to purchase?
There is no difference. Starting from DbVisualizer Pro version 10.0.12, the Exasol support is included in DbVisualizer Pro regardless of how you acquired the software.

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