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Automatically Connecting at Startup

If you want to automatically connect to a database when you start DbVisualizer there are three ways to achieve this:

The first way will hold for one or more database connections and is:

  1. From the Databases tree, select the top node and open the Connections Object View. See Edit Multiple Database Connections.
  2. For each Database Connection that you want to automatically connect, set the Connect All check box

The second option will have the same result but for one database connection at the time. Then you do:

  1. From the Databases tree, select a specific database connection node and open the Database Connection Object View
  2. Select the Properties tab
  3. In the left tree, select the database node and set the Connect when "Connect All" check box in the right panel

The third option will hold for all database connections of a certain type. Then you do:

  1. Open the Tool Properties window
  2. Under the Database tab, select the specific database
  3. Set the Connect when “Connect All” check box.

Finally after one or more of the alternatives above, the auto connect function must be activated at startup with the following steps:

  1. Open Tools->Tool Properties and select the Database Connection category under the General tab,
  2. Set the Run "Connect All" at Startup check box.

If you enable Connect when "Connect All" but do not enable Run "Connect All" at Startup, you can instead use the Database->Connect All main menu choice to manually connect all connections marked this way.

Note that while the Database->Connect All main menu choice, will only connect all database that have Connect All selected, the Database->Disconnect All main menu choice, will disconnect all database connections.