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The latest version of DbVisualizer was released 2024-07-04DOWNLOAD HERE ->

Database Profile changes in 11.0

This document collects changes in the database profile framework in DbVisualizer 11.0.

Common attribute changes

  • The action="drop" attribute replaced with drop-on-condition="..."

New attributes for the ProcessDataSet sub element for Command

The ProcessDataSet definition defines if and how a DataSet generated by a Command should be processed after retrieved from the database.

The following new actions for ProcessDataSet are new in 11.0:

  • addrow
  • convertnullvalues
  • convertsqlwarningtodataset
  • movecolumn
  • truncatedataset

Read more in XML element - Commands

New attributes for the ObjectView element

The DataView element now supports this new attribute:

  • layout="tilehorizontal/tilevertical/collapse"

Read more in: XML element - ObjectView

New "chart" viewer for DataView elements

The DataView element now supports the new chart viewer.

  • viewer="chart"

Read more in: Viewer - chart