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Find and Replace in the Editor

The Edit main menu and the editor right-click menu contains the Find (Ctrl+F) and Replace (Ctrl+R) actions.

Find shows a pane at top of the editor where you can enter what to look for, either as text, a regular expression or using wildcards. You can also limit the search to the current selection and use other options for a more precise search. Use Find Next and Find Previous to navigate to other matches, by default mapped to the F3 and Shift-F3 keys, or Down and Up keys.

Find next and find previous

Matches are highlighted while typing in the search field.

When in Replace mode, a second field is displayed used to enter the replacement text.

Replace text

When you use a regular expression with group expressions in the Find what field, you can reference the captured text in the Replace with field using the dollar sign ($) plus the group number (e.g. $1 for the first group).

Regular Expression Example:

Text in editor:


Find what:


Replace with:


Deselect Match whole word, select Entire scope and Use Regular Expression.

When you click Find and choose All in the following dialog, you get the following result:

Resulting text: