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Search in all open editors

Search Open Editors is available in the File menu and in the editor right-click menu under Find.

Screenshot of Search Open Editors function

In the search dialog the following options are available:

  • Match Case - determines whether or not the search will be case-insensitive. This setting applies even when searching using a regular expression.
  • Regex Search - if this checkbox is checked the search string will be parsed and interpreted as a regular expression.
  • Max Entries - the maximum number of search results which will be displayed. If this is set to - or to any negative number the maximum number of search results will be unlimited.

Each search result in the list shows the line where the result was found as well as which editor contains the result and the line number. Double clicking on a search result will display the editor containing that result, scroll to the line and select the search result. The highlighting color can be configured under Tools->Tool Properties by changing the Quick Filter background color in the Appearance/Grid Colors category under the General tab.