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Searching Database Objects

Only in DbVisualizer Pro

This feature is only available in the DbVisualizer Pro edition.

The Search tab in the Object View tab for a connection is used to search among the objects in the tree by object name. The types of objects that are searchable depends on the database you are connected to. For instance, columns are included in the tree for some databases but not for others.

Screenshot of the Search tab in the Object View

Search by specifying the name of the object, or name pattern, and press the Search button. You can use asterisk (*) as a wildcard in a pattern, or you can use a regular expression pattern if you enable it by checking the Regular Expression checkbox. You can also specify where in the tree to start the search, and whether to do a case sensitive search.

You can interrupt a search operation with the Stop button in the grid toolbar. Use the Show Object Path toolbar toggle button to include or exclude a column for the complete path for each found object in the grid. This path is the same as if navigating to each object manually in the objects tree. Other grid toolbar buttons let you export and print the search result grid.

Double-click on a row to switch to the Object View to see detailed information about an object.

Note that if you have tree filters or any other property that limits the content of the tree enabled, the search is performed only for those objects that match the filters.