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The latest version of DbVisualizer was released 2024-07-04DOWNLOAD HERE ->

Starting DbVisualizer

How to start DbVisualizer depends on the operating system you are using.

  • Windows In the Start menu, select the DbVisualizer menu item.
  • Linux/Unix Open a shell and change directory to the DbVisualizer installation directory. Execute the dbvis program. If DbVisualizer was installed using the setup installer an optional desktop icon can be used to launch the app.
  • macOS Double click on the DbVisualizer application or the application bundle.

You can also start DbVisualizer with the bundled script files, please see the GUI Command Line Arguments page for details. For tasks that do not require a GUI, such as tasks scheduled via the operating system's scheduling tool, you can also use the pure command-line interface.

EULA (End User License Agreement)

When you start DbVisualizer for the first time, or after upgrading to a more recent version, you are prompted to accept the End User License Agreement.

Free or Pro Version

If you start DbVisualizer without a valid license, you are presented with a dialog that prompts you to choose how to proceed; you can proceed and run the Free version, request an Evaluation license, or register a license for the Pro version.

If you enter a license, you have to restart DbVisualizer to activate it. You can also proceed without entering a license and do that later using the Help menu (see Evaluating the Pro Edition and Installing a Pro Edition License).

Background Panel

When you first open DbVisualizer, or if you close all tabs at any time later, the backgrund panel becomes visible; this holds a few useful shortcuts and links.