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Running a Monitored Query

The Monitor window, launched via the Tools->Data Monitor menu option, is where you active monitors and look at the results. The monitor tabs can be rearranged in the same way as all other tabs, pretty much any way you like. Please see Getting the Most Out of the GUI for details.

The monitor results can be viewed only as grids in DbVisualizer Free, while DbVisualizer Pro adds the capability to view them as charts or text.

Screenshot of the Monitor Window in DbVisualizer

The Monitor window has a toolbar at the top with an Auto Reload Interval field and a Adjust box. The Auto Reload Interval field is used to control how often, in seconds, to execute the monitors when auto update is running. The specified number of seconds may be increased automatically by DbVisualizer if the total execution time for all monitors is longer than the specified value. Check the Adjust box and the Monitor feature will automatically increase the number of seconds so that all monitors will complete before next auto-update.

The rest of the window holds result areas for each monitored statement with the Visible attribute enabled. Each individual monitor result tab or window may also have a toolbar with controls that apply just to that result. The screenshot is from DbVisualizer Pro, with View buttons in the toolbar for the selected monitor; these buttons are not included in DbVisualizer Free.

When auto reload is running, there is a progress bar shown to the left of the Auto Reload​ Interval field. This progress bar is only shown when auto update is running.

The main toolbar buttons have the following functions:

Toolbar ButtonDescription
CloseCloses the Monitor window
ReloadReloads all results (i.e., executes all monitors and updates the result sets)
Locate CurrentLocates and select the monitor node in the Scripts tab corresponding to the currently selected result
Clear CurrentClears the currently selected result
Clear AllClears all results
Show as TabsShows the results as collapsed tabs
Show as WindowsShows the results as tiled tabs
Show GridsShows all results as grids
Show TextShows all results as text
Show ChartShows all results as graph in the selected chart type
Show/Hide Chart LegendsToggle this to show/hide chart legends
Show/Hide Monitor ToolbarsToggle this to show/hide toolbars for each monitor
Start MonitorsStarts auto-update of all monitors, repeatedly executing all statements at the intervals specified by the Auto Reload Interval field
Stop MonitorsStops the auto-update

In the Tool Properties dialog, you can enable Show Monitor Window at Startup and Start Monitors Automatically, in the Monitor category under the General tab.