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Special Properties

DbVisualizer utilizes a few special properties that you can use to modify characteristics of the application. These properties are available in the DBVIS-HOME/resources/dbvis-custom.prefs file.

dbvis.-AutoSaveRunInterval=30The number of seconds between auto-saving open SQL editors.
dbvis.disabledataedit=falseSpecifies if table data editing should be completely disabled, i.e. the form and inline editors. Note: This has an effect only when used with a licensed edition.
dbvis.driver.ignore.dir=lib:resources:.install4jSpecify directories from DBVIS-HOME that should not be listed in the Driver Manager "System Classpath" list. Directories are separated with ":". Accepted values: one or several directory names starting from DBVIS-HOME.
dbvis.grid.encode=falseSpecifies if encoding of data in result set grids will be performed or not. If set to true then make sure the dbvis.grid.fromEncode and/or dbvis.grid.toEncode are also set.
dbvis.grid.fromEncode=ISO8859_1Encoding used when translating text data that is fetched from the database
dbvis.grid.toEncode=GBKEncoding used when translating data that will appear in the result set grid
dbvis.removepartialresultsets=falseDefines whether the result set(s) should be removed when interrupting an ongoing execution in the SQL Commander.
dbvis.savedatacolumns=falseColumn layout changes such as reordering and/or visibility are saved for all grids in the Objects Views *except* for the "Data" grid. This property can be used to also include the layout in the "Data" grid. Note: This will result in DbVisualizer saving the layout for each table that is displayed in the Data grid = huge XML file...
dbvis.showactionresult=falseThis defines whether the result for all actions should be displayed or only failures (default).
dbvis.sqlwarning.maxrows=5000Defines the number of SQL Warning rows that should be processed before truncating.
dbvis.usegetobject=falseSpecifies if the generic ResultSet.getObject() method in JDBC will be used in favor of the data type specific get methods or not. Default is false.
dbvis.usestandardgridfit=falseEnable this property and DbVisualizer will use an accurate but slow method to automatically resize grid columns. "Accurate" since it does a real calculation of the columns width. If leaving this property disabled then column widths are determined much faster but depending on what grid font is used some columns may be truncated with "...". This property has an effect only if Tool Properties->Grid->Auto Resize Column Widths is enabled
dbvis.-ConnectionTestTimeout=20The timeout in seconds for the "Ping Server" feature.
dbvis.<database>.IgnoreMaxRowsForNonSELECT=trueIgnore the Max Rows setting for statements other than SELECT. MS SQL Server applies Max Rows also to DELETE, INSERT and UPDATE (upto and including SQL Server 2008).
dbvis.<database>.-RemoveNewLineChars=falseBackward compatibility setting used to specify that the SQL command will be trimmed of all whitespaces, tabs and newlines just before it is executed by the DB server.
locale=en,usUse this to specify an alternate Locale
dbvis.-FileForceSync=trueBy default, all XML settings files are synced with the underlying storage device at the time when these are saved. Use this property to disable the syncing and instead rely on OS syncs. Note: relying on OS syncs and performing an uncontrolled shutdown of Windows may corrupt files.
dbvis.-MasterPasswordRule=.{8,}By default, a Master Password must be at least 8 characters. This is the definition of the default implementation. Please see the dbvis-custom.prefs file for some additional examples.
dbvis.-MasterPasswordRuleDescr=\ The new password must be at least 8 characters longUse this to specify a description of the master password rule.

You rarely need to modify these properties, as the default values are sufficient for most usage. Also note that these properties may change in future versions of DbVisualizer. Some are also experimental and may be removed or instead introduced in the DbVisualizer GUI.