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The latest version of DbVisualizer was released 2024-03-11DOWNLOAD HERE ->


DbVisualizer can automatically collect diagnostics and anonymous usage data, which will help us understand what features are most valuable and where we can improve.

Telemetry settings can be changed at any time using the Telemetry tab in Tools->Tool Properties.

  • When Collect Anonymous Usage Statistics is enabled, DbVisualizer will collect information about what features are used. This will give us important insights into how the different features are used so we can make them even more useful for you. Examples of the kind of information that is included in usage statistics:
    • Application startup time.
    • Query builder has been used.
    • "Export Schema" action has been used.
    • A database connection to a H2 database has been established.
  • When Report Application Errors in enabled, unexpected errors in the application will be collected. This will help us detect issues in the application and correct them faster. Examples of application errors that can be reported:
    • NullPointerException when opening a dialog.
    • ClassCastException when loading a database driver.
    • IndexOutOfBoundsException when reordering table columns.

No restart is necessary when changing these settings.

Your privacy is important to us. We won't track queries, table data, or anything that identifies you.