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Transfer DbVisualizer settings

Transfer DbVisualizer settings to new environment

To move your DbVisualizer settings from one machine to another, do as follows:

  1. Install DbVisualizer on your new machine.
  2. Use File->Export Settings in the old machine
  3. Transfer the settings.jar file to your new machine
  4. Open DbVisualizer on your new machine and choose File->Import Settings to import the settings.jar file
  5. Once done, re-start DbVisualizer. (Your settings from your old machine are now migrated)

Read more about the Export and Import Settings

Transfer the DbVisualizer Pro license to new machine

First make sure you have followed the steps in Transfer DbVisualizer settings to new environment.

  1. The location for the license file is listed in DbVisualizer Pro, license file location
  2. Copy the dbvis.license file from the old machine to the Download folder on your new machine
  3. Start DbVisualizer on your new machine and open Help->License Key
  4. Select the dbvis.license file in your Download folder
  5. Re-start DbVisualizer when prompted
  6. Remove the dbvis.license file in the old machine