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How to Report Issues

Contacting support

There following are the alternatives getting help with issues or support requests:

Using Help->Contact Support

This is the recommend way to report an issue or support requests as it gathers information about your settings and connections that help us provide you with better analysis of any problems without having to get back to you and ask for additional information.

Please describe as detailed as possible the actions leading to the issue.

Screenshot of Contact Support in DbVisualizer

Encountering Errors

DbVisualizer sometimes detects errors that need the attention from the user. This can be done in two ways

  • The pop up of an Error dialog
  • The pop up of a "Red balloon" in the status bar of DbVisualizer

The Error Dialog

If you encounter an error that causes an error alert dialog to pop up, please click the Report Problem button to open the contact form with the details of the error filled in.

Screenshot of Error Dialog in DbVisualizer

The Red Balloon - log errors

DbVisualizer constantly monitor the log entries it writes to it's log files. If log entries representing errors are detected, a "Red balloon" pops up in the DbVisualizer status bar as indicated below.

Screenshot showing 'Red Balloon' log error in DbVisualizer

Clicking the red button will bring up the debug window.