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Managing Table and Column Comments

This feature is only available for some databases. Please execute the corresponding SQL in the SQL Commander if it is not available for your database.

Many databases support adding comments for various database objects, such as tables and columns. How this is done is database-dependent, but for some of the databases with specific support in DbVisualizer, you can enter and edit comments using an action in the right-click menu for the object node selected in the Databases tab. For instance, for an Oracle database, you can manage table comments like this:

  1. Select the table node in the tree,
  2. Choose Comment Table in the right-click menu,
  3. Add or edit the comment.

For Oracle, you can manage comments for other database object types, such as columns and views, in the same way. An Oracle Tables node also has a Table Comments tab in its Object Views tab, listing then comments for all tables in a schema.