Data management

DbVisualizer lets you visualize, manage and edit data with the power of SQL and simplicity of a spreadsheet.

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Results and comparisons
edit like a spreadsheet

results and comparisons

Results visualization.

As the result of a query is displayed you can adjust its format to your needs. You can view the results as simple lists, line charts, staple graphs, plot data in a grid, and much more.

Results visualization
SQL query comparison

results and comparisons

Comparing queries.

When you work with complicated queries, you oftentimes find yourself needing to compare one to another. Perhaps a colleague sent you a modified version of your query, or you want to compare an old functioning query to a new one that you are debugging. DbVisualizer will help you by highlighting what code has been added, what has been removed, and what has been adjusted.


Inline and direct editing of data.

As you view an object, you can directly start editing the table-data within. A row can also be opened in a form pane displaying the columns and data top-down rather than left-right in the grid to give a compact view

When data has been added, modified, or removed you will get clear indications of the changes you have made. The changes you have made will only be reflected for you locally until you decide to commit the changes to the database.

Inline data editing
Quick export to spreadsheet.


Quick export to spreadsheet.

One of the simplest ways to share or analyze data is via spreadsheets. With a simple click, you can open a result set directly in Excel or another spreadsheet software to quickly analyze, modify or share.


Advanced exporting.

You can export your results into CSV, HTML, TXT, SQL, XML, EXCEL, or JSON and decide exactly how you want the data to be formatted.

DbVisualizer gives you the freedom to export a result set in a variety of different files and formats.

Advanced exporting
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