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DbVisualizer: SQL query tools

The SQL Tools in DbVisualizer is centered around the SQL Commander, with its SQL Editor and Query Builder. Additional features are the Scripts, SQL History, Explain Plan and support to display result sets as stunning graphs.

Get detailed information in the Users Guide.

SQL Query Tool

The SQL Commander supports multiple editors and result sets, bookmark feature, formatting, script execution and extensive customization.

Result Set Management

The grid component is a very central component in DbVisualizer and it provides a lot of convenient context-dependent features.

Query Builder

The Query Builder provides an easy way to develop database queries.

Client-side commands

Client-side commands are script commands that are executed in the context of DbVisualizer.

Explain Plan

Explain Plan is a way to analyze how a query will be processed by the database, for instance whether an index can be used or if a full table scan is required.

SQL History

The SQL history feature displays information about scripts you have executed in the SQL Commander.

SQL Bookmarks

The bookmark feature is used to organize frequently used SQL statements in a folder structure.


Any result set produced by a query in the SQL Commander can be visualized in a chart.