Client-side commands

Client-side commands are script commands that are executed in the context of DbVisualizer. These are used to control the script execution and to @export and @import table data, and @mail files.

More information in the Users Guide.
  • Feature

    DbVisualizer Pro

    DbVisualizer Free

  • @beep

  • @call

  • @cd

  • @commit

  • @continue on

  • @ddl

  • @delimiter

  • @desc

  • @echo

  • @export

  • @import

  • @log

  • @mail

  • @open

  • @rollback

  • @run

  • @set autocommit

  • @set maxchars

  • @set maxrows

  • @set resultset name

  • @set serveroutput

  • @sleep

  • @stop on

  • @window iconify

  • @window restore

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