SQL Query Tool

The SQL Commander which is commonly referred as the SQL Query Tool, supports multiple editors and result sets, bookmark feature, formatting, script execution and extensive customization. Result sets can be edited, viewed in text or chart format. The Explain Plan feature in supports DB2 LUW, Derby, H2, Mimer SQL, MySQL, Netezza, NuoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL 9+, Redshift, SQLite, SQL Server, and Vertica.

  • Feature

    DbVisualizer Pro

    DbVisualizer Free

  • Execute Script with multiple SQL statements

  • Execute single SQL statement at cursor position

  • Execute selected SQL statement(s)

  • Execute Buffer (as a single SQL statement)

  • Execute Explain Plan

    SUPPORTED FOR: DB2 LUW | Derby | H2 | Mimer SQL | MySQL | Netezza | NuoDB | Oracle | PostgreSQL | Amazon Redshift | SQLite | Microsoft SQL Server | Vertica

  • Syntax colored SQL editor

  • Auto Completion (aka code completion, intellisense)

  • Predefined and user defined editor templates

  • Support for multiple SQL editors

  • Support for procedures producing multiple result sets

  • SQL formatter with extensive customization options

  • Execution control (stop on error/warning)

  • View result sets as grid, text or chart

    Grid, Text, Chart


  • Editable result sets with the inline or form editors

  • Support for BLOB, CLOB and binary data

  • View BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF and JPEG images

  • View PDF documents

  • View XML data in tree or text format

  • Export result sets with Create Table option



  • Export large result sets directly to file (@export)

  • Parameterized SQL queries

  • Supports objects dragged from the Database Browser

  • Drop files from Desktop or external tools

  • SQL execution logging with filtering options

  • Pre-defined editing key maps

  • Merge Result Sets in Text Format

  • Error highlighting in editor

    SUPPORTED FOR: Oracle | MySQL | PostgreSQL | Informix | Derby | Mimer SQL | SAP ASE (Sybase ASE)

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