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Press Release

4.2 released on 2005-01-12

NOTE: This press release precedes the name change to DbVis Software AB and the removal of Minq Software from our distribution chain. As the release is about our product DbVisualizer, we feel it is still relevant for our archives.


Minq Software Ships New Version of DbVisualizer with Support for Auto Completion and Java 5

Stockholm, Sweden, January 12, 2005 -- Minq Software today announced the immediate availability of DbVisualizer 4.2, a world leading, cost effective, cross platform database tool that optimizes user productivity by providing a single solution to speed development, testing and administration of relational databases. DbVisualizer enables simultaneous connections to many different databases. Just point and click to browse the database structure, view detailed characteristics of database objects, edit table data graphically, execute arbitrary SQL statements or SQL scripts, reverse engineer referential integrity rules graphically or why not let DbVisualizer chart the database with advanced charting options. The user friendly graphical interface in combination with the unique collection of features makes DbVisualizer the ideal choice for database administrators and developers. Tested databases are MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, PointBase, HSQL, Sybase ASA/ASE, McKoi, SQL Server, MaxDB, Oracle, Mimer SQL, Informix DaffodilDB, JDataStore, Cache, FrontBase and Pervasive. DbVisualizer runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris.

"The growing need by users to maintain and develop databases not only from a wide range of database vendors but also from a variety of different client operating systems makes DbVisualizer the ideal choice. Simply use one tool to access all of your databases no matter if you are running from a desktop Windows box at the office or a Mac OS X laptop at home", said Roger Bjärevall at Minq Software. "We provide DbVisualizer in two editions, the free, DbVisualizer Free edition and the commercial extension named DbVisualizer Personal. The later one has really exceeded our expectations as we just before Christmas passed 2100 customers. This number includes all categories of users, from hobby users, students, educational institutions, small and mid size organizations up to international enterprise corporations.

DbVisualizer 4.2 features auto completion support enabling simplified design of SQL statements, quick filters, polished user interface, Java 5 support and an extensive collection of additional enhancements.

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