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Press Release

6.0 released on 2007-07-09

NOTE: This press release precedes the name change to DbVis Software AB and the removal of Minq Software from our distribution chain. As the release is about our product DbVisualizer, we feel it is still relevant for our archives.


Minq Software Ships New Major Version of DbVisualizer, The Universal Database Tool

Stockholm, Sweden, July 16, 2007 -- Minq Software today announced the general availability of DbVisualizer 6.0, a world leading, cost effective, cross platform database tool that increases user productivity by providing a single solution to speed development, testing and administration of relational databases. DbVisualizer offers a robust set of features to assist database developers and DBAs perform tasks such as object browsing, creating, running SQL statements and SQL scripts, viewing and editing data. Additionally, this tool includes features such as a the powerful table references graph, query builder, SQL formatter, result set charting and SQL bookmarks feature.

DbVisualizer supports all major commercial databases including Oracle, DB2, Mimer SQL, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Informix and open source alternatives such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and JavaDB/Derby. DbVisualizer is optimized for the Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux/UNIX operating systems.

The new release adds the Table Data Navigator which is powerful tool to navigate foreign keys based on data selections. This is useful when browsing normalized tables with keys to other tables, click an entry in one table, choose the link to follow and the target table will be displayed with the matching data. The new Table Editor supports visual creation and editing of table definitions including columns, indexes, primary, foreign keys, constraints and non standard features specifically for the supported databases. The Data Editor is a central feature that has been revised from ground up, and now supports multiple row operations, transaction control, easy copy/paste with the most popular spreadsheet applications, enhanced filtering, sorting and printing. In addition, this new version is optimized for Windows Vista, DB2 version 9, Java 1.6 and comes with an option to install JDBC drivers for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2, Mimer SQL and JavaDB/Derby.

"The list of new features and changes are sweeping and I think we've done a great job putting it all together, still keeping the tool focused and consistent", says Roger Bjärevall, product manager for DbVisualizer at Minq Software. 

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