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DbVisualizer 1.1

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Release Notes


  • The user properties handling has been changed in this version of DbVisualizer. Prior versions used the serialization mechanism in Java causing incompatibilities when new properties were introduced. The 1.1 version of DbVisualizer stores the properties in a XML file which makes future property changes compatible. A consequence of this is that old property files cannot be read using this version. You'll have to copy your JDBC driver definitions, URL's and SQL bookmarks manually from the old version of DbVisulizer into the new one. We're sorry for this inconvenience!
  • User preferences are stored in XML format. (Check README for file naming conventions)
  • Support for Cloudscape, DB2 and ProgreSQL (partly)
  • References graph enhancements, possible to view both exported and import keys. Relation name can be toggled in the graph
  • README file can be viewed from within DbVisualizer. (Help->README...)
  • Numbers are right aligned in HTML reports
  • Functionality for Auto Commit (with Commit/Rollback controls if Auto Commit is disabled)
  • Possible to Ctrl-C (copy) selected cells in a table to another application (delimiters can be set in the tool properties)
  • Export to ASCII (CSV) formatted file with possibility to specify column and newline delimiters
  • New tool property tab to set which information that shall be displayed in the various tabs
  • Reload button now works everywhere
  • A warning indication is now presented if a query returns more than specified Max Rows
  • Show visible row range in the tables
  • Presentation of query execution time
  • Fixed bugs:
  • In the references graph each table appears with a link to itself and to another one with the same name when accessing a DB2 database
  • Selecting to show number of rows in a Cloudscape table gives "Table xxx does not exist". (Seems to be a Cloudscape bug since it works in 3.0.4 of Cloudscape)
  • Select "Specific Tables" in references graph does not work for Cloudscape. (Seems to be a Cloudscape bug since it works in 3.0.4 of Cloudscape)
  • Setting "Max Rows" on a Statement for Cloudscape gives an error

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