Release notes

Version 1.2
You are currently viewing an old version of DbVisualizer. We recommend that you check out our latest 13.0.4 version.

1.2.1 released on 2000-12-23

Bugs Fixed

Driver Manager
Display if JDBC driver is JDBC compliant or not removed since it for some drivers caused the application to freeze
SQL Commander
Ctrl-Enter shortcut now works in SQL Commander

1.2 released on 2000-11-11


Display of connection elapsed time
Indication whether JDBC driver is JDBC compliant or not
Support for Hypersonic SQL
Threaded connect/disconnect operations
Properties to personalize date/time formatting
More preferences can now be edited in tool properties. These are saved in the user preferences file between sessions
  • Max Rows
  • Date/Time format
  • Prefix and Suffix identifiers that are used to indicate a parameter in SQL statements (SQL Commander)
  • select count(*) from
  • select * from
Shortcuts in the SQL Commander
  • Cut, Ctrl+x
  • Paste, Ctrl+v
  • Copy, Ctrl+c
  • Delete-end-line, Ctrl+k
  • Position Cursor First In Line, Ctrl+a
  • Position Cursor Last In Line, Ctrl+e
  • Delete Character, Ctrl+d
  • Execute SQL, Ctrl+enter
New table tab, "Best Identifier", displays a suggestion of column(s) that best identifies a unique row
Support for dynamic driver loading using a Java 2 VM.
Interactive sorting sometimes caused an exception
Support to install using a Java 2 VM...!

DbVisualizer 1.2

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released on 2000-12-23

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