Release Notes 3.0

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3.0 - Released 2002-07-01

New Features
Area Details
New product packaging DbVisualizer is from 3.0 available in two editions:
  • DbVisualizer Free
    Use free of charge for commercial and non commercial purposes. It contains the exact same functionality as previous versions of DbVisualizer plus an extensive collection of new features added since 3.0.
  • DbVisualizer Personal
    Extends the Free edition with functions for multi SQL statement execution, multi result set management, selection executes and a reliable forms based editing capability. This edition is commercial and is licensed/priced per user.
General Added tool icons for main frame, bookmarks editor and tool properties.
General Path used in the open/save dialogs now saved between invocations (Export result set and Export/Import SQL Statements in the Bookmarks Editor)
General System Properties info moved from Tool Properties to About
General Support for the Kunststoff Look and Feel
General Choice to switch Icon Collection in Tool Properties. Java Graphics or Dean S. Jones.
General Now possible to select small or large icons in the tool-bar for Java Graphics.
General Ctrl-1 to 3 shortcuts added to switch between (in order) Database Objects, SQL Commander and Reports
General "quoted-where-columns" variable now possible to specify in the SQL statements in Tool Properties. This will quote the WHERE columns instead of the variable stuff
General Database Connection boxes now list entries ordered by connection state. Connected at top.
General Possible to specify an optional description for HTML exports
General Possible to specify column and newline delimiters during export
General "Echo Column Header" moved to column header pop-up menu (copy name).
General "Edit->Find..." is used to search in the currently active grid
General New grid pop-up menu option: "Count Bytes" which will do an approximately summary of the number of bytes in the grid.
Database Objects Creating a new Database Connection will automatically select the new node
Database Objects Tool-tip for the object header now shows:
- Database Connection
- Catalog (might be blank)
- Schema (might be blank)
Database Objects "select * where not" removed from "Data" pop-up menu
Database Objects Database Connection nodes only hi-lighted if connected
Database Objects Number of rows in a table now optionally displayed in object header
Database Objects Now possible to disable indicate of Primary Key in Data tab
Database Objects System Tables for Sybase and PostgreSQL are now grouped properly in the "System Tables" node instead of "Table"
Database Objects DatabaseMetaData.getTables() now pass "%" for table name instead of null
Database Objects Tool-tip for grid table header. Shows various data type info
Database Objects Default Column Width function in all grid pop-ups
Database Objects Choice to move a database connection node up/down in the tree
Database Objects Copy Selected Cells as HTML tables (to clipboard) in all grid pop-ups
Database Objects Grid Height and Grid Width sliders in Graph Controls panel replaced with a single "Grid Size".
Database Objects Possible to show row count for each table node in the database objects tree
Database Objects New grid pop-up menu choice: "View in form" -> For easy browsing of row values. (Short cut is double click in the grid)
Database Objects Tables and Reference tabs now available for object type nodes
Database Objects Pressing the "Select" action in the tool-bar while the list of Tables is presented is the same as choosing "Generate a Select All Script"
Database Objects New menu option, "Generate a Select All Script" in Tables tab
Database Objects "Copy Name" choice in database object tree pop-up menu will copy the name of the node to the clipboard
Database Objects Number of tables and arcs in References graphs listed on top
Database Objects SQL Commander, References graphs and Reports are now threaded.
Database Objects Now possible to "Stop" execution in SQL Commander, References graphs and Reports. "Esc" button is short cut
Database Objects Zoom of graphs now supported
SQL Commander and Reports "Folders" button is now "Tabs" while "Frames" is "Windows" in the SQL Commander and Reports tabs.
SQL Commander and Reports Entering @ as the first character in the SQL Commander will consider the rest of the statement to be a file name. SQL Commander will load the file (but NOT insert it into the editor) and execute the statement(s) found in it. A log entry is written as usual for each exec.
SQL Commander and Reports Import operation in File menu will insert the selected file into the SQL Commander editor.
SQL Commander and Reports New "Get SQL" button in Reports tab will copy the SQL of the current report into the SQL Commander
SQL Commander and Reports Now possible to set that the "Database Connection" box in the SQL Commander can be sticky. Default is the old behavior. Sticky simply means that its value only can be altered manually.
SQL Commander and Reports Refresh button in tool bar will re-execute the currently selected result set. No progress or possible to "Stop" this refresh operation is possible. An entry is written in the log.
SQL Commander and Reports Progress bar in Reports now shows number of seconds left until next reload
SQL Commander and Reports Possible to specify whether SQL Commander shall stop on error or continue
SQL Commander and Reports Support for comments in the SQL Commander:
- Block Comment: /* */ that can spawn several lines.:
- Single Line: # that ends with a newline character:
- Single Line: // that ends with a newline character:
- Everything including comment characters between " and ' pairs are handled as is.
- ';' is handled as eof of command delimiter if not in a comment or between quotes
- ngon is considered as ;
SQL Commander and Reports Support for highlighted SQL execution in SQL Commander
SQL Commander and Reports Support for multiple SQL execs
SQL Commander and Reports Support for multiple result sets
SQL Commander and Reports Support for handling result sets for non SELECT statements (Ex. is MySQL "show" commands or various stored procedures in for example Sybase)
SQL Commander and Reports Positions of result sets in Reports are now saved between invocations
SQL Commander and Reports Possible to tile/cascade the windows in SQL Commander and Reports
SQL Commander and Reports SQL Commander Log which lists all executed commands
SQL Commander and Reports Support for scrolling of the complete Windows desktop view in SQL Commander and Reports
Bookmarks Bookmarks menu now available in the Bookmark Editor
Bookmarks "Edit->Change Name" added to the menu-bar in the bookmarks editor
Bookmarks Ctrl-Enter in the Bookmark Editor passes the selected bookmark to the SQL Commander and raises the main frame
Bookmarks Icons changed for Contain Variables and Multi SQL columns in Bookmark Tree. This were check boxes in previous version which was confusing since they are not actually editable.
Bookmarks "Apply" changed label to "Apply Edit" in Bookmark Editor
Bookmarks Possible to specify max number of history bookmarks in tool props.
Bookmarks Now possible to set name and note of bookmark during add of new bookmark
Bookmarks Multi SQL indicator in bookmarks editor
Bookmarks Number of SQL bookmarks listed for the root nodes in Bookmark Editor
Bookmarks Choosing "Execute" for a folder in Bookmark editor creates and passes a script of all included SQL statements to the SQL Commander. The SQL commands for these are "select".
JDBC Driver Manager Non-existent driver paths now appears in red color
JDBC Driver Manager Drivers in the driver manager are now bold
JDBC Driver Manager The "Find JDBC Drivers" operation now searches for drivers in all locations and not just in the selected location
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Po-pup menu in Database Objects tree now selects the node at the pop-up position.
All tool-tips checked and some changed
Last column in grid was sometimes to wide which caused the horizontal scrollbar to appear. Last column in grid are now never stretched to the right edge
The vertical splitter position in SQL Commander saved between invocations
Procedures were earlier reported as Functions and vice versas
On JDK 1.4 there was no cursor in the SQL Commander editor. Caret changed to block style instead of vertical line.
Now supports Date and Time columns for DB2 properly
Shuffle of columns in the "Data" tab do not effect the ordering of columns during insert/update/delete, etc.
Microsoft driver is now found in the driver manager
as first part of a cell value caused all grids to format the visible value as HTML. Serious errors could also happen if the HTML was incorrect in its syntax. We have filed a bug (4652898) that has been accepted by Sun regarding the current impossibility to disable HTML rendering. A temporary workaround works as expected
Disconnecting a broken hsqldb connection did not work in previous versions
JTable noncontiguous selections fixed (workaround implemented for a bug in Swing)
Format date and times in the substitute dialog according to the current tool properties format
Electric scroll of text area in SQL commander removed.

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