Release Notes 3.3

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3.3.1 - Released 2003-07-05

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Sometimes it was not possible to export the references graph. The export was denied with the message "there is no grid or graph in the current context".
Only the visible part of the references graph was exported in the previous version. Now is the complete graph exported in 1:1 scale.
The Data and Row # tabs was sometimes empty for an SQL Server table.
DATE column type in Oracle is now treated as TIMESTAMP. The time part of DATE columns was not displayed in previous version.

3.3 - Released 2003-06-07

New Features
Area Details
  • A dialog is now displayed asking whether to commit or rollback any pending transactions when disconnecting a database connection that is in manual commit mode.
  • The Alloy look & feel from INCORS is now default L&F on all platforms except Mac OS X.
  • Mac OS X integrated
Data Filtering
  • Now only one single Insert button appear when there is no current filter. The And/Or buttons appear when there are filter definitions
  • Tool tip in column combo list now shows datatype
  • Set Filter for Cells added to right click menu in the Data tab for a table. It sets an AND filter for the selected cells and their values
  • Ctrl-Execute shortcut in the filter text area now applies the current filter
Tool Properties
  • New property that specifies if new line characters shall be removed from the SQL before execution (this is needed for the DB2 8.1 type 4 driver)
  • Date and Time formats can now be set to "Unformatted". It results in that these data types will be presented as is.
    Note: editing in DbVisualizer Personal will not work having any of the formats set to Unformatted
  • Added mm/dd/yyyy to list of date formats
SQL Commander
  • Executing a SQL statement for a disconnected database connection now asks whether the database connection shall be established
  • Now possible to specify an additional delimiter that is used to separate several SQL statements while they are executed in the SQL Commander
  • Total execution time presented in the log when a batch of statements executed in SQL Commander
  • Added Auto Clear Log to SQL Commander. Will clear the log between executions
  • Preview of Export result (only when exporting text data)
  • Export Selection added to grid popup menu and "Copy as HTML" removed.
  • Export graph to JPG format now supported
  • Export is now threaded and can be interrupted
  • The following chart settings are now also saved between invocations:
    • Show Symbols
    • Show Inverted
    • 3D
    • Chart Type
    • Fill Pattern
    • Legend Type
Database Objects Tree
  • Show in Frame added to right click menu. It is available for all objects but Database Connections, Function and Procedures. An alternate way to bring up the frame for table objects is to double click on table nodes in the tree.
  • Reload Childs choice added to right click menu in the database objects tree. It is used to reload the child objects from the database for the selected node.
  • Drop Table right click menu choice added. This operation is also available in the right click menu in the Tables list. It will then create a drop table script for the selection.
  • Best Identifier tab for tables is now labelled Row Id
References Graph
  • Brand new graphing component from
  • Undo/Redo and Cut supported in DbVisualizer Personal
  • Mini toolbar added
  • Navigator component
  • 4 auto layout modes available with optional animated layout progress
  • Popup menu
  • Double click shows detailed information about a table in the Table Explorer frame.
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Table Column Header now appear properly for Motif and Mac OS X LFs
Changed "Get Connected" info text from "File->Driver Manager" to "Database->Driver Manager"
dbvis.xml.bak file only created if dbvis.xml > 0 bytes
Launching the form editor when all columns in the grid had been manually removed resulted in error
Creating a new row using the form editor while one cell was selected in the data grid caused all non null fields to get the values of the selected row.
Set all to null in the form editor did not set the checked state for boolean toggles
Export of zoomed graphs now works
Newline char must be "n" on windows when copying to clipboard
Newline char must be "rn" on windows when exporting to file
Fixed a bug with Extra Options. Non reported options by the driver were not handled correctly.
Execution of really big SQL scripts caused the SQL Commander to degrade in performance
The "Width" field was empty when exporting Chart the first time.

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