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4.1.1 - Released 2004-06-16

New Features
Area Details
New Features Driver Manager re-designed to primarily allow several versions of the same driver to exist simultaneously and concurrently Note: If you've been using a previous version of DbVisualizer then you will need to setup the drivers in the driver manager again. The internal structure of the driver definitions has changed so much that it is impossible to make the change backward compatible.
Area Details
Tool Properties Date/Time formats now accepts the format to be edited in Tool Properties. (Right Click menu lists all valid letters)
Tool Properties Added time format "hh:mm:ss.SSS"
Tool Properties "Remove New Lines" property re-introduced (it was removed in 4.0) but can now be specified per Database Connection (Properties). The reason having this property again is that creating for example procedures with explicit new lines would cause the procedure to be saved as one long unformatted line.
Tool Properties "Save Password" can now be specified per Database Connection (Properties).
JDBC Driver/Database Specific Added new object views for Oracle:
  • "Constraints" for tables
  • DBA->Statistics->Instance Summary
  • DBA->Statistics->Wait
  • DBA->Statistics->Latches
  • New DDL views for almost all objects. Shows the DDL to re-create the object
    Note: valid for 9i and later only
JDBC Driver/Database Specific DB2's CHAR() FOR BIT DATA now presented as text and not binary
JDBC Driver/Database Specific Now supports Progress OpenEdge 10+
References Graph Fix in the References Graph if erroneous or incomplete data returned from driver
References Graph NOT NULL columns indicated with bold column names in the references graph
SQL Commander Clicking the row header when at least one cell in that row was already selected did not select all cells.
SQL Commander Now supports all variants of "go, Go, gO, GO" as a statement separator in the SQL Commander
SQL Commander New result set output format, "Text" added to the SQL Commander. It shows in addition to the "Grid" and "Chart" formats the data in a tabbular style. Export is also supported. New Font setting for Text Output in Tool Properties.
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General Selecting the 5) column check box in the Connections overview did not update the state of the icon in column 2)
General Sorting did not work properly in the Connections Overview
General There was a memory problem when opening large BLOB/CLOB's in the Form Editor causing the application to freeze
General CLOB viewer in the Form Editor did not handle font changes properly.
General Connecting using JNDI lookup failed with an error
JDBC Driver/Database Specific DB2 applet server died suddenly. This fix hopefully solves it.
JDBC Driver/Database Specific Getting table indexes in Oracle is now done in the database profile instead of using the JDBC driver. The reason is that the Oracle driver does an "analyze table" before getting indexes and that may result in side effects that are not wanted.
Note: This applies only for DbVisualizer Personal. DbVisualizer Free still use the JDBC driver to fetch index information.
JDBC Driver/Database Specific The fetch of synonyms for Oracle was wrong, "where owner = 'xxx'" instead of "where table_owner = 'xxx'"
JDBC Driver/Database Specific DB2: The "Tables" tree object did not show any tables for the SYSIBM, SYSCAT, SYSFUN and SYSSTAT schemas.
JDBC Driver/Database Specific DB2: The References Graph was empty for the SYSIBM, SYSCAT, SYSFUN and SYSSTAT schemas
JDBC Driver/Database Specific Monitor Row Count and Row Count Change operations for Informix did not set the appropriate columns as series
References Graph "Show in Window" did not work properly in the References graph for PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Sybase
SQL Commander In DbVisualizer Free was only the first SQL statement in a script executed instead of all statements in a batch

4.1 - Released 2004-04-06

New Features
Area Details
Database Objects DbVisualizer Personal: "Database Profiles" introduced which enables database specific objects views in the Database Objects tree for Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Informix, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. A generic database profile is used if accesing any other databases or when using DbVisualizer Free.
Database Objects DbVisualizer Personal: Now possible to search for objects by name in the Database Objects tree
Area Details
General Removed the capability to configure what columns to display in the old meta data tabs i.e Columns, Privileges, Primary Keys, etc. (Database Objects category in Tool Properties). A new generic filtering capability will be introduced in a future version.
General The Dean S. Jones and Java Graphics icon collections has been removed. The reason is that these icon collections are to limited to express all new symbols required in 4.1.
Database Objects Setting a filter now applied to all places where the filtered objects are displayed. Filter can now also be controlled on all levels in the tree and not just only while the database connection object is selected.
Table Data Editing Data tab filter mode now respected when the grid is auto reloaded in the Data Form Editor
SQL Commander "Insert SQL into Editor" in SQL Commander result tab menus and output view menu inserts SQL at caret position
SQL Commander "Get Bookmark", "Execute" (bookmark editor), "Copy to SQL Commander" now copies the SQL into the current editor instead of primary editor
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General Fixed OutOfMemory error when exporting to file
General Fixed the error when starting DbVisualizer using Java 1.5 beta.
Note: We do not recommend using Java 1.5 beta until DbVisualizer officially supports the final 1.5 version.
General Changing variable identifier/delimiter sometimes damaged the SQL templates in Tool Properties.
Table Data Editing Edits for SQL Server now committed properly

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