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4.2.2 - Released 2005-02-19

Area Details
General Now possible to Print Preview references graphs
General Now possible to specify File Encoding when export of grid data
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General Setting Number Format to a custom format resulted in big decimal data types not being properly unformatted when editing

4.2.1 - Released 2005-02-11

Area Details
General Now possible to have up to 10 entries in the database objects filter
General Timestamp Format added to tool properties and export dialog
General Number Format tool property enhanced to allow pattern
General The inline and form editors now also checks if there are any unique indexes in order to determine the uniquenes of the row
General Minor changes of grid colors, selection colors and form editing
visual appearance. A ongoing inline edit is indicated with an alternative icon in the row header
General New property: Table Data->Data Editors->Reload Grid after Edit (controls if the grid editor should be reloaded after a successful edit. The setting is disabled by default)
General Column Visibility menu is now a dialog enabling multiple edits at once. There were also problems displaying many columns in the previous implementation.
  • New Invalid Objects node - shows any invalid objects in the schema
  • The Packages tree object now shows Interface and Errors views for selected package
  • Synonym listing now includes synonyms with owner = schema and table_owner = schema. Previously only synonyms for table_owner = schema was displayed
  • select * from<AC> did not work since schema was not recognized.
  • Timestamp columns with microseconds were truncated to 3 microseconds instead of 6 which is valid in DB2.
INFORMIX Show of View source sometimes resulted in an error
MYSQL Sometimes a database error occured when looking at Users
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General Text Viewer and the Wrap operation did not work if there was text after the last line break
General The columns list in the data tab filter pane did not update properly if switching between tables with similar column names
General Fixed bug when choosing a license file already installed.
General There was no vertical scrollbar in Connection Message making it difficult to scroll through a long error message
General When one duplicates a database connection it appears that the only thing duplicated is the basic connection info. I would have expected that the filters and profile selected get duplicated as well.

4.2 - Released 2005-01-12

New Features
Area Details
General Redesign of the main window. Database Objects Tree now always visible.
General Java 1.5 now supported
Grids All grid viewer columns (ex. Columns, Primary Key, Tables, etc) can now be configured grouped per type of viewer and database. These changes are saved between invocations of DbVisualizer:
  • Visible state
  • Order of each column in grid
In addition, doing a Reload will keep the following:
  • Column widths (if width size has been changing by dragging header)
  • Sorting
  • Selection
Grids "Quick Filter" added to right click menu. Use it to limit the number of rows in the grid by showing only the rows containing the specified text. (Matching cells are bold).
SQL Commander Auto Completion support in the SQL Editor. Use it to complete table and column names for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL commands. Default key binding is Ctrl-Space
SQL Commander "Execute Current" added to Database menu and toolbar. Used to execute the statement at the cursor position. Shortcut is Ctrl-. (Ctrl-Period)
Monitor Monitor main tab is now in its own window. Launch it via the Tools->Monitor menu or new button in the main window toolbar.
Area Details
General License key file for DbVisualizer Personal now installed using Help->License menu.
General The user preferences file, dbvis.xml, was located in the HOME directory in previous versions. From 4.2 it is located in HOME/.dbvis/config/dbvis.xml. (The file is automatically moved to the new location when DbVisualizer 4.2 is started)
General The Kunststoff Look and Feel has been removed. (Vendor have stopped supporting it).
General The position of vertical and horizontal splitters are automatically reset at start of DbVisualizer if these are in their minimum or maximum positions.
General Added "Show/Hide Objects Tree" to Window menu
Added "Show/Hide SQL Editor" to Window menu
Added "Show/Hide Output View" to Window menu
Grids When dragging a column in any grid, if getting to the edge of the grid then the grid is automatically scrolled
Grids Added "Select Column" to grid column header right click menu
Grids Added "Select Row" to grid right click menu
Grids Added "Sort Column Ascending" and "Sort Column Descending" to grid column header right click menu
Grids Doing a "Reload" in the Data tab or in the SQL Commander now preserves the current column sorting, current selection and scroll position
Grids Now keeps current selection if removing a column
Grids Added "Calculate Selection" to grid right click menu. It will perform various calculations on the selected values. This is primarly useful for numeric values
Grids UDT values (Types.STRUCT) are now displayed properly in grids
Grids "Copy Selection (With Column Headers)" added to all right click menu in all grids.
Grids Default behavior for "Copy Selection" (Ctrl-C) changed as it now do not copy column headers
Grids Sort indicator is now preserved if moving or resizing a column. (It disappeared in previous versions leaving any column sorted ).
Chart Re-arranged the Chart pane. Moved the control buttons to the chart toolbar
Driver Manager All driver info links now points to web page at< instead of each vendors web
SQL Commander Progress text in SQL commander now stretch as wide as the progress bar. Progress pane now also report success and error counts
SQL Commander New right click menu in the Log with "Copy" and "Save" operations.
SQL Commander SQL Preview dialog in DbVisualizer Personal now always displays the SQL and not some obscure internal format
Monitor All monitors are now executed directly when "Start Auto Reload" is pressed.
Monitor New tool property: "Monitor->Auto Start Monitors" controls whether any monitors should be automatically started once at least one database connection is live
Monitor Display mode in the Monitors tab (Tabs or Windows) now preserved between invocations of DbVisualizer
Monitor Display type in the Monitors tab (Grid, Text or Chart) now preserved between invocations of DbVisualizer
Data Editor New "Confirm Edits" data tab tool bar button which when enabled will display a confirmation dialog when an edit has been done in the inline editor
Data Editor New property "dbvis.disabledataedit" is used to disable the inline and form editors in the Personal edition. (Set this property in the DBVIS-HOME/resources/dbvis-custom.prefs)
Data Editor Closing the form editor now scrolls to the row that was edited in the grid
Data Editor Any column sorting is now preserved if inserting a new row in the inline editor. Previous version simply reset the sort.
Tool Properties New tool property "General->Confirm Exit of DbVisualizer"
Tool Properties Now possible to set that BLOB/binary data should be presented as hex
Tool Properties New property "Max Rows at First Display". Controls the max number of rows to fetch when the data tab for a table is first displayed.
Tool Properties Now possible to set foreground and background colors per even and odd numbered rows in the grids. (Tool Properties->Grid->Colors)
Database Objects (Tree and Views) Re-arranged the tree filtering functionality. Filter definitions are now expressed in the database profile i.e it is now possible to express filter definitions on any type in the tree and not only catalog/schema/table.
Note: Old filter definitions in the tree are not moved into the new format as of 4.2. This must be done manually
Database Objects (Tree and Views) Changing filter will now not affect the expanded state of the tree. Previous versions collapsed the tree
Database Objects (Tree and Views) The database objects tree now keeps the expanded state between "Reload" operations. New objects are indicated with an icon
Database Objects (Tree and Views) Menubar/toolbar added to "Show in Frame" window. Contains command to Print, Export, Reload, etc.
Connection Tab New tool/database connection property, "Require Password". Defines whether a connection requires a password. If enabled and no password is supplied at connect then a dialog will ask for password.
Connection Tab New tool/database connection property, "Require Userid". Defines whether a connection requires a userid. If enabled and no userid is supplied at connect then a dialog will ask for userid.
Connection Tab Now possible to use variables in the Connection tab input fields. Ex:
   URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@$$Database Host$$:1521:$$SID$$
A dialog will be displayed asking for replacement values once connect of the database is requested. Default values can be specified as: $$Database Host||$$
DB2 Profile for DB2 on z/OS (not automatically detected)
MySQL Profile for MySQL 5.0.1+
  • Now displays "Object Types" per schema
  • Oracle XMLType values now displayed properly.
    Note: In addition to the Oracle JDBC driver this also requires that xdb.jar and xmlparserv2.jar are loaded in the driver manager. (These are part of the Oracle XML Developers Kit)
  • Fixed columns containing "#" in the Oracle profile
MaxDB boolean values are now not quoted in the various "Script: xxx" operations
SQL Server DbVisualizer Personal users of the open source jTDS JDBC driver now automatically use the SQL Server profile i.e with the extended viewing capabilities
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General The infamous JdbcOdbc error -> "Connection not open" finally solved
General Focused component now preserved when switching beteen Database Object and SQL Commander tabs.
General Fixed the problem that locks DbVisualizer and shows the following error:
      at com.onseven.dbvis.sql.ColumnInfo.getJavaDataTypeClass(Unknown Source)
      at com.onseven.dbvis.sql.JDBCModel.getColumnClass(Unknown Source)
      at javax.swing.JTable.getColumnClass(Unknown Source)
General Mac OS X specific initializations were not executed if starting DbVisualizer for the first time or with an empty XML file. One obvious effect was that the Mac Look and Feel was not used
Table Creator Assistant The Data types in the Table Creator Assistant were incomplete for PostgreSQL
SQL Commander The Log text is now selectable (again) and can be copied to clipboard using right click menu or Ctrl-C key binding
SQL Commander Choosing "Text" output view without being connected resulted in an error
SQL Commander The use of "@cd path" that was not followed by a "@file" statement resulted in that the "@cd path" command was sent to the actual database and with a SQL error as result
SQL Commander Changing Max Rows/Max Chars in SQL Commander did not affect any existing results when later doing a reload.
SQL Commander Vertical splitter in the SQL Commander could not be moved on Windows
Data Editor Any "Where Filter" was not respected if closing the form editor i.e all rows was displayed even if there was a filter defined prior to the display of the form editor.
Data Editor Pressing "Reload" in the data tab did not use filter if one was set
Data Editor Form editor now scrolls automatically when tabbing between input fields
Tool Properties Choosing "Defaults" in Tool Properties did not revert any key bindings
Tool Properties Fixed an erroneous date format that contained mmm instead of mm
Tool Properties Fixed an erroneous date format that contained mmm instead of mm
Database Objects (Tree and Views) The busy cursor flickered a lot when scrolling in the database objects tree and the "Show Table Row Count" was enabled
Database Objects (Tree and Views) "Wrap lines" mode in for ex. Oracle DDL viewers now wraps correctly
Database Objects (Tree and Views) An error occured if creating a new database connection and then not directly configuring it
Database Objects (Tree and Views) An error occured if creating a new database connection and then not directly configuring it

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