Release Notes 4.3

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4.3.6 - Released 2006-01-08

Area Details
General New End-User License Agreement
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General Sometimes there were problems getting CLOB data
Data Editing There was a precision loss when editing really large numbers in DbVisualizer Personal.
Note: The fix requires Java 1.5 and later
Import Importing a file with a row that have less columns then in the first row gave error and the import stopped. Now these will be set to null and import continues
Informix List of tables when connected to Informix was sometimes empty

4.3.5 - Released 2005-10-06

Area Details
Mimer SQL Presentation of CLOB values did not work for null CLOBs
Mimer SQL Empty CLOBs were not properly handled
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General Selecting Copy in the Connection Message right click menu failed if database was not connected
General Setting the dbvis.savedatacolumns property in the dbvis-custom.prefs file didn't always result in Data tab columns being saved properly
SQL Commander Execute current sometimes executed the statement before the actual one
SQL Commander A ";" was accidently added last in editor buffer causing some database operations to fail
SQL Commander Text output always presented binary/blob data as "(binary data)" instead of the format specified in Tool Properties
SQL Commander Export using the @export command did not honor the CsvRowDelimiter setting
Chart Was not possible to control Z order of series in Area charts. Now the order is defined by the same order series are enabled.
Grid Copying binary grid cell data always copied by value instead of honoring the settings made in Tool Properties
Grid The inline editor accidently removed any new line sequences (CR/LF).
In edit mode are these now indicated with n (line) r (carriage return) and t (tab). To insert for example n as a text sequence then escape it with an extra  i.e \n
Grid Size of CLOBs were sometimes wrong
Sybase ASE The sybase-ase profile (and facade) was not always loaded properly since some ASE servers returns different "database product names".
PostgreSQL TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE data appeared as (null) even if a value was there.
Informix Viewing Procedure source failed for Informix 7.31

4.3.4 - Released 2005-09-07

Area Details
General Conditional processing now supported in the database profiles
General ( Default ) indicator and row count presentation now colored in the database objects tree.
Oracle Object View DBA->Statistics->Up Time replaced with Instance Info
Oracle Table Comments now displayed for "Tables" object
Informix Now possible to filter on Views in the database objects tree
MySQL mysql5 profile removed and replaced with the mysql profile
MySQL Triggers are now displayed for MySQL 5+
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General Enabling Show only default database/schema and no matching databases/schemas were found then these objects were not visible in the tree. Now if no matches are found and databases/schemas exist all of them are visible in the tree.
General If having a tree filter that filters all databases/schemas then the filter is invalidated and not processed
General Copying a grid cells that were in a single row added a new line which it shouldn't
General Bookmarks are now(...) being saved on Mac OS X
Oracle The Constraint tab for a table now works for Oracle 8
Oracle The Object Types object now shows types for Oracle 8
Oracle The DDL tabs are now removed if using Oracle 8 or earlier
DB2 Setting the "currentSchema" driver property for DB2 now works
PostgreSQL Schema will not appear in the database objects tree for for PostgreSQL versions older then 7.3
Informix Filtering in the Database Objects tree did not work for Tables
Informix Function, Data Type and Sequence objects will not be displayed in the objects tree if accessing a pre Infomix 9 version
Informix Procedure source and Trigger source now displayed properly for pre version 9 versions

4.3.3 - Released 2005-08-19

Area Details
General Form/Inline editors: NOT NULL Timestamp fields now accept a blank entry which will automatically insert the current timestamp. Entering partial timestamps will be overlayed (completed) with the current timestamp
General Added Allow Auto Configured Database Connection Properties tool property. When checked it will automatically set things such as table name prefix/suffix, column name prefix/suffix based on what database it is
General Layout changes in Tool Properties and Connection Properties
General Installer for Mac OS X now in dmg format instead of sit
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General Bookmarks were not saved when exiting DbVisualizer on Mac OS X
General Windows XP with Java 1.5: Using the tab key to move between fields in the form editor sometimes stopped working
General DbVisualizer Free: exporting binary data was always By Value i.e Hex did not work
Oracle NOT NULL BLOBs could not be inserted properly
MySQL 5 Multiple result sets produced by MySQL stored procedures are now presented properly

4.3.2 - Released 2005-07-23

Area Details
General Layout changes in the Database Info and Data Type tabs
General The Database Info tab was sometimes empty
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General Binary/BLOB values were not exported in DbVisualizer Free
Oracle Creating triggers containing a colon (:) resulted in an error and the trigger was not created
Oracle Creating stored procedures sometimes resulted in:
PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "" when expecting one of the following:

4.3.1 - Released 2005-07-05

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Windows An OutOfMemory error may occur on Windows as the default memory for Java was accidentally 65MB instead of 256MB
Oracle Errors occurred when looking at the Sessions and Locks in the database objects tree and having "#" set as a single line comment identifier in Tool Properties
Oracle Problems editing BLOBS/CLOBS in Oracle resulted in:
Could not load OracleLobHandler: com.onseven.dbvis.wrapper.OracleLobHandler
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/onseven/dbvis/sql/LobHandler
DB2 current_schema errors were reported in the debug window for DB2 v7

4.3 - Released 2005-07-03

New Features
Area Details
General Tools->Table Data Import added
General Tools->Connection Wizard added 
General The Export feature changed to a Wizard
General Export settings can now be saved between sessions
General New section in the users guide: Plug-in Framework
Area Details
General Improved performance at startup
General Support for SOCKS (currently only with Java 1.4)
(Select the actual database connection and goto the connection properties tab. In the category tree choose "Driver Properties" and then add these to control the SOCKS connection: socksProxyHost, socksProxyPort)
General The unsaved edits dialog that may be display when exiting DbVisualizer now also have the choice to "Cancel" the exit process
General Errors that appear as a result of database requests are now more detailed
General Set Quick Filter for Selection added to grid right click menu
General JDBC SQLWarnings are now taken care of in the SQL Commander
Table Editors Form Editor now accepts editing BLOB data types in a regular text editor
Table Editors Images such as PNG, JPEG, GIF can now be zoomed in the Form Editor
Table Editors A warning is now displayed in the form editor if importing a file that is bigger then the size of the actual column
Table Editors A warning is now displayed in the form editor if performing an insert or update without no values being selected. (This previously resulted in an error being displayed).
Table Editors Disabled so that "not null" fields are not automatically "checked" in the form and inline editors (or check if there is a default value for the column and if so do not check these columns)
Driver Manager Added driver definitions and wizard support for Derby embedded and server
Driver Manager Driver Manager now automatically switch to either Dynamic or System tab depending on Default Class.
Driver Manager Driver Manager now automatically detects the JDBC/ODBC bridge
Tool Properties Now possible to set font size for all of the UI (Fonts->Application Font Size in Tool Properties)
Tool Properties Decimal Number Format added to the Data Formats tool properties category.
Tool Properties Tool Properties->Copy settings changed from t, r, rn to textual representation
Tool Properties Unformatted - Strip Zero Fraction added to decimal number format list in Tool Properties
Database Objects Tree Now accept a blank as NULL string representation
Database Objects Tree Added "Reload Objects Tree" to View menu
Database Objects Tree Removal of a database connection must now be confirmed
SQL Commander New client side commands in the SQL Commander:
  • @window iconify
  • @window restore
  • @exit [nocheck]
SQL Commander @export on/@export set/@export off
  • These are used to redirect result sets from SQL commands to file(s) instead of being presented in the GUI
SQL Commander @set serveroutput on/off; now supported in the SQL Commander
  • This will cause Oracle DBMS_OUTPUT results to be displayed in the log
SQL Commander New command line arguments: -execute and -invisible. These can be used with the new @export command to launch DbVisualizer, perform one or several SQL selects, export their results and then quit DbVisualizer
SQL Commander Output from set showplan on now appear in the SQL Commander log
SQL Commander Having use xxx or use database xxx in a script did not have any effect if there was a database selected in the Database drop down i.e the following statements would operate in the Database selected by the drop down
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General There were situations when establishing a connection failed and DbVisualizer just stayed at "Connecting. Wait..."
General Fixed(?) problem with large papers and print preview for graphs
General The direction of the arrows in the References Graph has been flipped
General Fixed bug that sometimes caused a grid to be completely empty
General Fixed NullPointerException when starting with no XML file
General The splitter between the database objects tree and the SQL Commander either could not be moved at all or only allowed small changes
Table Editors Numbers were not properly formatted in the inline editor when using a localle that did not handle "." as a decimal separator
Table Editors Starting the inline editor did not select all the data in the cell being edited
Database Objects Tree Fixed bug resulting in (default) not appearing for default schema in the tree if extra spaces were accidently added to userid in Connection tab
SQL Commander Using the previous/next operations in the SQL Commander now preserve any changes made in the current editor before load the previous or next SQL statements from the history
SQL Commander "select * from table1 with nolock where <AC>" did not work properly when popping column names
DB2 UDB nicknames are now displayed in DbVisualizer Personal
DB2 UDB Executing select statements in the SQL Commander sometimes took very long time
DB2 z/OS Filtering Views did not work in the Objects Tree
DB2 z/OS Decimal numbers was not properly handled
Oracle Now possible to filter the names for Synonyms and Views in the database objects tree
PointBase The (default) marker and management for "Show only default schema" now works
MySQL 5 Table and View objects did not appear in the tree

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