Release Notes 5.1

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5.1.1 - Released 2006-10-16

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: Oracle "Object" tables (UDT, XML, etc) are not listed in the objects tree for Oracle
DDL Generator Problem using DDL function with SQL Server 2000
Key Bindings Shift+DELETE keybinding for Cut doesn't work
DB Support: Oracle Deprecated SQL executed for "Compute statistics for Index" in Oracle
SQL Commander Database drop down list in SQL Commander is not set automatically for Informix
DB Support: PostgreSQL References in PostgreSQL 8+ doesn't work
DB Support: Oracle Some table types in Oracle do not show in Objects Tree
DDL Generator DDL tab for Views larger than 4000 characters fails for SQL Server
DB Support: Oracle Synonym listing for Oracle shows both schema synonyms and objects being part of synonyms in other schemas
References Mixed case table names in MySQL results in multiple table nodes in the References Graph
Export Test data generators doesn't work if original value is null i.e. no generator is executed

5.1 - Released 2006-10-05

New Features
Area Details
General New permission sub system. Use it to configure what operations in DbVisualizer need to be confirmed before executed. The permission management is defined per the connection modes, Development, Test and Production. Manage permissions in Tool Properties->Permissions
General New Database Type setting in the connection tab. Chose from the list what database the database connection represents. This is automatically set when upgrading from previous versions.
Tool/Connection Properties Tool Properties has been devided into General and Database. The news is that database properties are per database type i.e. DB2, Mimer SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc. Changing a DB2 property for example will then affect all DB2 database connections. These properties can still be modified per database connection
Database Objects Tree Now possible to script CREATE TABLE and view DDL for Tables for Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL 8+, Sybase ASE, MySQL, Derby/JavaDB, Mimer SQL, SQL Server and Informix
Database Objects Tree Now possible to script CREATE VIEW and view DDL for Views in for Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL 8+, Sybase ASE, MySQL, Derby/JavaDB, Mimer SQL, SQL Server and Informix
Query Builder Query Builder now available in the SQL Commander
Informix Support for object actions:
  • Database - Create Database
  • Table - Create, Drop, Rename, Import Table Data, Script Object to SQL Editor
  • View - Drop, Script Object to SQL Editor
  • Index - Create, Drop, Rename, Enable, Disable
  • Function - Drop
  • Procedure - Drop
  • Trigger - Drop, Enable, Disable
  • Sequence - Create, Drop
  • Role - Drop
  • Synonyms - now displayed in objects tree
  • Removed "owner" from node labels
  • Functions and Procedures now show arguments in the objects tree
Sybase ASE Support for object actions:
  • Table - Create, Drop, Rename, Truncate, Import Table Data, Script Object to SQL Editor
  • View - Drop, Rename, Script Object to SQL Editor
  • Index - Create
  • Procedure - Drop, Rename
  • Trigger - Drop, Rename, Enable, Disable
  • User - Add, Drop
  • Group - Add, Drop
  • Login - Create, Drop, Change Password
DB2 z/OS Support for object actions:
  • Table - Create, Drop, Rename, Import Table Data, Script Object to SQL Editor
  • View - Drop
  • Index - Create, Drop
  • Alias - Drop
  • Procedure - Drop
  • Function - Drop
  • Trigger - Drop
JavaDB/Derby Database profile now supporting Apache Derby/JavaDB
General Now possible to specify file encoding in Load/Save File dialog
General Now possible to show hidden files in file choosers
General Added Select All and Deselect All in the columns visibility editor
Tool/Connection Properties The management of Delimited Identifiers (aka quoted identifiers) has changed
Tool/Connection Properties Added Editor->Tabs setting to control the appearance of tabs in the editor
Tool/Connection Properties SQL Templates should now always use $$ as variable identifier independent of the setting in Variables->Variable Identifier
Inline Data Editor The inline editor will now not update the edited row in the database if no edits has been made
Inline Data Editor Note: The Confirm Data Deletion and Confirm Inline Edits properties are removed and instead replaced with the new permission management
Inline Data Editor Duplicate Row tool bar action added to data inline editor (result set grids and table data tab)
Form Editor Note: The Confirm Data Deletion and Confirm Inline Edits properties are removed and instead replaced with the new permission management
Monitor New actions in the Monitor window:
  • Edit->Clear Selected Monitor
  • Edit->Clear All Monitors
Database Objects Tree Now possible to sort database connections and folders in the objects tree
Database Objects Tree Connections grid now lists Datatabase Type. It may be clicked it to change the type for a database connection
SQL Commander Now possible to select target editor when loading an SQL script from file
SQL Commander Auto Completion: Fixed so the column list is displayed when the column name is qualified with the table name and not just only when using a table name alias. Example: SELECT * FROM SPECS, PATS WHERE SPECS.
SQL Commander Auto completion did not handle "select * from t as k" i.e. using the "as" identifier for table alias
SQL Commander Auto completion list can be closed with TAB key in addition to ENTER and mouse double click. To support SPACE then add it to the Insert Newline action in the
Key Bindings->Editor Commands
SQL Commander Now shows data type for each column in the columns list
SQL Commander New settings in Tool Properties for Auto Completion:
  • Display Automatically
  • Instant Substitution
  • Display Delay
  • Sort Columns List
  • Sort Tables List
SQL Commander Now indicate whether column is part of primary key in the columns list
SQL Commander Total fetch time for last execute batch of SQL statements now listed in the SQL Commander log
SQL Commander Pressing Stop during execution in for example the SQL Commander now request the database to interrupt the processing (previously Stop only worked if DbVisualizer was processing)
SQL Commander Font changes in the SQL Commander Log
SQL Commander New Tool Property: SQL Editor->Set Sticky for SQL Editor(s)
SQL Commander Replaced the Grid, Text, and Chart tabs with toolbar buttons to preserve space in SQL Commander and Monitor
SQL Commander New client side commands:
  • @stop on error / @continue on error
  • @stop on warning / @continue on warning
  • @spool log <filename>
SQL Commander A check is now done when saving the SQL editor buffer to prevent that that the loaded file has been modified outside DbVisualizer
Database Profile Object Action dialog changes:
  • New style: text-editor. Same as text except that an multi line editor is used to present/edit the input
  • New style: number. This is presented as a text input only allowing number input
  • New style: password. This will mask the entered value with "***" while typing. Note that the real text for password fields is still presented in the SQL preview
  • Now possible to set an explicit entry (by index) as default for list and radio styles. The format for doing this is by enclosing the index number with {n}
  • List style input control is now editable if editable="true" attribute is set.
Database Profile The setting of Show SQL is now saved between sessions
Database Profile New button Copy Script to SQL Editor in the object actions dialog
Database Profile execute attribute for <Action> element renamed to mode. Value for mode may be one of "execute" (default), "script" or "script-immediate".
Database Profile Now possible to launch the create procedure/function dialog for other databases then only Oracle
Database Profile It is now possible to let the action SQL create a result set which in turn contains SQL code. When the actions dialog recognize that a result set has been produced the user may either select to Show or Copy it to the SQL Editor.
Database Profile New attribute resultsetaction="ask|show|script". It is used in combination with mode="execute" and if the executed actions results in a resultset. The value of the attribute tells what to do with the resultset.
Database Profile Now possible to refer global commands via the idref attribute
Database Profile SQLWarnings are now taken care of during action executing
Database Profile tip="..." attribute can now be specified for <Input> elements in <Action> elements
Database Profile <Labels> can now be specified for radio and list object actions. It can be used to present an alternative name for values
Database Profile <SetVar> can now be used in <Action> elements enabling variable evaluations
Database Profile Added new action input type, "procedure-params"
Database Profile Label is now optional and will result in a more space for input field
Database Profile New style for actions, "separator"
Database Profile Introduced <Input> sub element for <DataView's>. Input elements are used to pass viewer specific settings.
Ex: <Input name="attribute" value="itsValue"/>
Database Profile Changes related to <Input> elements for the viewers: viewer="grid"
Database Profile Has changed the definition for right click menu items from
<Action name="Script: SELECT ALL" template="SelectAllCommand">
   <Map from="OWNER" to="schema"/>
   <Map from="TABLE_NAME" to="table"/>
<Action name="Script: DROP TABLE" template="DropTableCommand">
   <Map from="OWNER" to="schema"/>
   <Map from="TABLE_NAME" to="table"/>
Database Profile To:
<Input name="menuItem" value="Script: SELECT ALL">
   <Input name="command" value="select * from ${schema=OWNER}${object=TABLE_NAME}"/>
<Input name="menuItem" value="Script: DROP TABLE">
   <Input name="command" value="drop table ${schema=OWNER}${object=TABLE_NAME}"/>
Database Profile New input attribute for viewer="grid": <Input name="columnWidth" value="300"/>. This will set the initial value for max column width in the grid.
Database Profile viewer="text": The "column" attribute in <DataView> is no longer used. Instead use the following <Input> elements:
   <Input name="dataColumn" value="<theNameOfTheResultSetColumn>"/>
   <Input name="formatSQL" value="true/false"/>
Oracle Trigger listing for a table enhanced as a drill drown view
Oracle SGA browser now shows the full SQL and not only the first 1000 characters
Oracle Added Refresh Materialized View action for materialized view objects
Oracle Now possible to choose whether the data presented in the objects tree and in the object views should be fetched from the ALL_xxx (default) system views or from the DBA_xxx system views.
Oracle Now lists Constraints for table objects in the object tree
Oracle Now lists Triggers for table objects in the objects tree
Oracle Now lists the actual objects as child nodes to Invalid Objects
Oracle Schemas object tree node now lists all schemas in a tab
MySQL Now possible to Create Function and Create Procedure
MySQL Databases object tree node now lists all databases in a tab
DB2 Constraints tab added for Table objects
DB2 Added Refresh Materialized Query Table action for materialized query table objects
DB2 Now possible to Create Function and Create Procerdure
DB2 Locks node is now in the objects tree
SQL Server Functions now appear in the objects tree
PostgreSQL Updated database profile for PostgreSQL 8+
PostgreSQL Added Create Function action for PostgreSQL 8+
PostgreSQL New actions for PostgreSQL 8+:
  • Table - Create, Drop, Rename, Truncate, Import table Data, Script
  • View - Drop, Rename, Script
  • Index - Drop, Rename, Rebuild
  • Trigger - Drop, Rename, Enable, Disable
  • Function - Drop, Rename
  • Sequence - Create, Drop
  • Domain - Drop
  • Aggregate - Drop, Rename
  • Type - Drop
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General Fixed bug that occurred with Turkish locale
General Sorting really large numbers by clicking grid column header did not result in proper sorting
General Variables in connection setup details were sometimes lost
General Fixed bug with underscore characters not always appearing in grids
General Connection Mode border (for Test and Production) was not visible directly when mode was changed
General Hopefully fixed problem showing Help->About and Help->License dialogs
Inline Data Editor If selecting another table while the inline editor is active with no edits being made resulted in a warning dialog. Now this warning appear only if edits has been made.
Inline Data Editor The edited indicator (yellow background) is now only visible for data that has been really edited
Inline Data Editor The appearance of the edited field was wrong if double clicking quickly in CLOB columns
Inline Data Editor Applying quick filter while being in editing mode resulted in unexpected results
Inline Data Editor Fixed bug in table data editor
Inline Data Editor Inline and form editing resulted in edits not being accepted since the the updated row could not be uniquely identified
Form Editor The serialized Java data browser did not work in the Form Editor or in the Cell Value browser
Form Editor Adding new row with form editor resulted in no input fields being presented. This occurred if the target database table was empty or if no selection was made in grid prior to starting the form editor.
Form Editor Inline and form editing resulted in edits not being accepted since the the updated row could not be uniquely identified
Monitor Monitor Row Count did not work in SQL Server. To apply this fix open Tool Properties and select the SQL Statements category, then press Defaults and apply changes for the current category only
Database Objects Tree Auto expansion of objects tree at connect and re-connect did not work if having two database connections with equal driver, URL, userid and password
SQL Commander Key binding fixes:
  • SHIFT BACKSPACE key was not mapped to delete previous character for all key maps
  • DELETE key was not mapped in the Linux/UNIX key map
  • END key was not mapped in the Linux/UNIX key map
SQL Commander Fixed bug that sometimes appeared when running Disconnect All
SQL Commander Using key bindings to move between editor tabs now set focus in the editor.
SQL Commander Fixed bug in the SQL Formatter when SQL contain the Oracle extract() function
SQL Commander Fixed parsing of go
SQL Commander Error occurred when expanding objects tree having Allow Go tool property disabled
SQL Commander Current Database Connection choice in the SQL Editor is now preserved when loading a file
SQL Commander Loading any recent file now automatically selects the SQL Commander tab
SQL Commander There were problems with Execute Current and Select Current Statement and if the loaded SQL script used CRLF as line separators.
SQL Commander Executing an anonymous SQL block having the terminating "/" in the statement caused the SQL to be truncated
SQL Commander Using @export in CSV output format and the CsvIncludeSQLCommand parameter exported the actual SQL command on the wrong line
SQL Commander Fixed bug in SQL Formatter and large SQL statements
Database Profile Object Actions: Variables in inline confirmation messages were not processed properly
Database Profile Object Actions: First editable text field in the actions popup did not have focus
Oracle Locks 2 tab returned an error in if Remove New Lines were enabled in Connection Properties
Oracle Fixed bug when compiling functions, procedures and packages
Oracle References graph did not render tables having relations defined for unique keys (only primary keys)
MySQL It wasn't possible to expand the information_schema node in the objects tree (for MySQL 5 and later).
DB2 Source was not displayed for Materialized Query Tables
SQL Server The database profile for SQL Server 2005 was not loaded when using the latest version of the MS JDBC driver
SQL Server Locks and Roles tabs resulted in errors when used with the jTDS driver
SQL Server Fixed(?) bug preventing Logins to appear properly in some configurations
Informix Fixed bug when connection to Informix with a blank password
DB2 z/OS Script Object to SQL Editor resulted in an exception for DB2 z/OS
DB2 z/OS Views tree listed tables and aliases
PostgreSQL Schemas were not displayed in PostgreSQL 8.0

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