Release Notes 8.0

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8.0.12 - Released 2012-11-27

Area Details
DB Support: DB2 LUW Show Grants for Views
DB Support: Informix Add support for Informix 11 data types BIGINTEGER and BIGSERIAL in Create/Alter Table and DDL
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Typing a character hides the list rather than narrowing the list
Auto Completion Triggering auto-completion within a string literal like '..A' may cause a NullPointerException
DB Support: DB2 LUW Error showing DDL for tables in DB2 LUW version 10
DB Support: Oracle Random exception may occur while browsing certain database synonyms
DB Support: PostgreSQL Columns of type MONEY can not be shown or edited in a grid
DB Support: SQL Server Large triggers are listed multiple times under the table node and in the table -> Triggers view
DB Support: SQL Server Invoking a function returning a table with the @call command results in a syntax error
Export Exception when exporting result set after database connection has been disconnected
General The settings file (dbvis.xml) can sometimes be damaged when exiting DbVisualizer
SQL Editor Column auto-completion after a single period causes a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
SQL Formatter DbVisualizer Variables should be left as-is by the formatter
Table Data Editor Table data editing fail if schema, catalog, table or column name contain $$

8.0.11 - Released 2012-09-27

Area Details
DB Support: DB2 LUW Add support for index DDL with INCLUDE columns and ALLOW REVERSE SCANS
DDL Generator Include precision and scale for NUMERIC types for Generic databases
Explain Plan Should be possible to specify a target schema for the explain plan tables in DB2 LUW
OS Support: Mac OS X Add support for high resolution Retina displays
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: DB2 LUW Multiple columns in the "Columns" tab for a DB2 table are labelled "NAME" instead of "TABLE_NAME" and "COLUMN_NAME"
DB Support: DB2 LUW DB2 LUW 9.7.6 with the 4.13 and 4.14 versions of the IBM JDBC driver gives erroneous top level objects in the Databases list which results in empty object details for other object types
Export @set maxrows have no effect when used in a @export on command
General A broken Java installation may result in an error while loading DbVisualizer (in sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfoFile.getZoneIDs)
OS Support: Mac OS X If DbVisualizer closed while the main window is maximized, it is impossible in following sessions to have DbVisualizer start-up in non maximized mode
References Exception may occur while the references graph is rendered with Java 7
SQL Commander The JDBC Connection#prepareStatement() is called with CRLF linefeeds when parsing for parameter markers
SQL Editor Incorrect caret position after selecting by double-clicking on second to last line

8.0.10 - Released 2012-07-10

Area Details
DB Support: PostgreSQL Sequences should be sorted by name
General Updated bundled JDBC drivers to latest versions for DB2, PostgreSQL, SQLite, H2, MySQL and JavaDB/Derby
OS Support: Mac OS X Digitally sign DbVisualizer with Apple for the new Gatekeeper feature introduced in Mac OS X Mountain Lion
OS Support: Windows Digitally sign DbVisualizer on Windows to guarantee that the software is produced by DbVis Software AB and to prevent unnecessary warnings at installation
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Column completion does not work if a quoted table name is used as a qualifier
DB Support: DB2 LUW If Explain Plan tables already exist and there is a case mismatch between login user name and the explain plan tables schema an error is reported
DB Support: DB2 LUW The size for columns of type GRAPHIC and DBCLOB is not included in the DDL
DB Support: DB2 z/OS Displaying the source for VIEWS don't work with DB2 z/OS v10
DB Support: Oracle The DDL for VARCHAR2 columns lack the size information
DB Support: PostgreSQL Default schema is not determined correctly if search_path contain "$user"
DDL Generator Invalid syntax for column default values containing function calls, e.g. to_char(sysdate, 'HH24:MI:SS')
Export NPE when including indexes in Table Export with Generic Database Type
Grid Component The Aggregation Data for Selection is not updated when extending selection with cells on the same row
Grid Component If moving a grid column and then show column header tooltip, information about another column is displayed
Key Bindings Cut, copy and paste key bindings in text fields on Mac OS X should follow the currently used key map rather than always require the CMD key
Navigator Deleting a table in the navigator pane may result in an exception
Query Builder IN and NOT IN operators with a single value cause an exception
Scripts The height of the lower details pane in the Script tab is reset between DbVisualizer sessions
SQL Commander Using the ~ operator in a SELECT statement results in a read-only result set
SQL Editor An exception is logged when typing some chinese characters
SQL Editor The syntax coloring is not properly updated after Comment Block and requires a scroll to fix

8.0.9 - Released 2012-04-30

Area Details
Chart Make it possible saving default chart settings between sessions
General Increase default max Java memory for DbVisualizer from 256MB to 512MB
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Database Objects Tree Show Table Row Count does not work for tables with mixed case names or names containing reserved characters
DB Support: DB2 LUW Source for Procedures, Functions etc. not available when created with CREATE AND REPLACE
DB Support: SQLite Need to always treat non-decimal numbers as BIGINT and decimal numbers as DOUBLE to handle large values
DB Support: SQLite Export Schema is not available for SQLite
DB Support: SQLite Tables are not listed in alphabetic order under the Tables node
Export Empty CLOB/BLOB values are represented as NULL when exporting as Value
General Using a single right parenthesis as the variable prefix leads to invalid generated SQL
Import When importing very large files (more than 2,147,483,647 bytes), the progress indication is incorrect
Navigator No warning about pending edits when reloading the graph or deleting a selected node
Navigator Reloading the graph eats memory
Procedure Editor Ctrl+Enter in the procedure editor results in exception
SQL Commander Load and execute of a bookmark or monitor script don't load its visual layout between sessions
SQL Commander Stopping a query in the SQL Commander for Sybase IQ erroneously clears any partially retrieved result set
SQL Commander NullPointerException when using Execute Current with the caret in a comment on the first line

8.0.8 - Released 2012-02-14

Area Details
Database Profile: Commands Add new continueonerror="true" attribute for the <Command> element
DB Support: DB2 LUW Missing "Schema Index" field in the Create Index action
DB Support: MySQL Include DEFINER attribute in CREATE PROCEDURE/FUNCTION/TRIGGER statement for Procedure Editor
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add Cascade option for the Drop Schema action
SQL Editor Use keybindings for Find Next/Previous also for Quick Find
SQL Editor Make the line highlight color configurable
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Chart An error occur when displaying a chart when all values in a serie is 0
Connection Setup Right-click on category labels in the Connection tab gives ClassCastException
Database Objects Tree Java 1.7: Reconnecting database connections may show an error
DB Support: PostgreSQL Support for the UUID data type is missing in the Create Table action
DB Support: Sybase ASE Show Default Database/Schema doesn't work with Sybase
DB Support: Sybase ASE Auto completion doesn't work for Sybase
Driver Manager Cannot load directory of driver classes in the Driver Manager
Import Colors indicating skipped rows in the import preview are not visible
SQL Commander Clicking in the Log to select the corresponding statement in the editor selects the wrong statement when it has been executed with Execute Current or Execute Selected
SQL Commander Pinned result set produced by procedures are not properly cleared at next execute or remove
SQL Editor An empty debug window is displayed (if auto popup is enabled) when pasting text copied from IntelliJ IDEA
SQL Editor Horizontal scrollbar disappears when moving the caret to the beginning of a single long line
SQL Editor Caret position is moved horizontally after a find and then press down keyboard button
SQL Editor Drag-n-drop database objects from another instance of DbVisualizer into the SQL editor results in an error

8.0.7 - Released 2011-12-22

Area Details
DB Support: DB2 iSeries Support multiple result sets generated by stored procedure for DB2 iSeries
SQL Commander Should be possible to force presentation of the real column name even if column alias is used in queries
SQL Editor Make it possible to have Find scroll match to center of editor rather than just enough to show the match
SQL Editor Make it possible to turn off the caret blinking
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: Informix Default value is missing in the DDL for NOT NULL character type columns
DB Support: SQL Server An NVARCHAR(MAX) column is generated as NVARCHAR(0) in DDL
DB Support: SQL Server No code is shown for procedures, functions and triggers if the database name contains a space or other special character
DB Support: SQLite Column nullability and default value should be disabled in Alter Table
DDL Generator The primary key column order may be incorrect when using the Generic, H2, SQLite, Oracle or Mimer database types
Export Excel OOXML export may output special characters in wrong encoding
Navigator Related Table is not enabled when using Show in Navigator in the Data tab even when cells are selected
OS Support: Mac OS X Add workaround for the memory leak introduced in Java 1.6.0_29 on Mac OS X
SQL Commander Opening a non-existing file with File->Open Recent show truncated error and the file is then kept in the recent files list
SQL Editor Find All does not scroll to make the first match visible
SQL Editor Find Next does not use criteria set up by Find All
SQL Editor When pasting really fast after typing, Undo undoes both the typing and the pasting
SQL Editor Find does not reset highlighted matches made by Find All
SQL Editor Problem with special characters in the search string for Quick File Load
Table Data Editor Mime type for ZIP archives is wrong
Table Data Editor Unrecognized binary data is marked as modified just by opening it in the cell editing window
Table Data Editor Using column alias in selects may disable data editing for some databases

8.0.6 - Released 2011-11-22

Area Details
DB Support: H2 Add support for linked tables in H2
DB Support: SQL Server Add enable/disable actions for triggers
DB Support: SQL Server Disabled triggers for SQL Server should be indicated with different icon in objects list
SQL Commander Column aliases in SELECT column list for MySQL 5.1+ don't appear in result grid
SQL Editor Text on the system clipboard is not included in the Paste Dialog
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: SQL Server Exception when switching to "Columns" tab with the SQL Server JDBC driver
SQL Commander Filtering log entries with "Show SQL" enabled will always display the SQL even if the entry doesn't match the enabled result categories (success/warning/error)
SQL Commander Very slow to convert a large result set to text
SQL Editor Unindent (Delete Tab) doesn't work for an unselected line with the caret at the beginning of the line
SQL Editor Comments are not highlighted if starting immediately after a statement delimiter

8.0.5 - Released 2011-11-03

Area Details
Scripts Add "Open Enclosing Directory" command for script, history and favorite files
SQL Commander Redefine "Execute Current" to mean "Execute statement containing the caret or ending on line with caret"
SQL History Show file encoding in the SQL History feature
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Auto-completed names may contain whitespace
Command Line Support (dbviscmd) Variables used in the export file name retain the delimiters after substitution when executed via the command line interface
Connection Setup Changing some options, e.g. Authentication Method, does not add/remove related fields immediately
DB Support: HP Neoview If data format for numbers or decimal numbers in Tool Properties include thousand separator it may result in errors while walking the objects tree
DB Support: MySQL The SQL used internally to get a list if users does not work when sql_mode is set to ANSI_QUOTES
DB Support: PostgreSQL Exception when expanding Triggers node or opening Trigger Editor with PostgreSQL 9.1
Export Export to XLSX doesn't drop column headings when column data is dropped
Grid Component Quick filter doesn't work in the Variable Replacor window
Import Import doesn't properly handle embedded escaped quotes in quoted data i.e. 'smith''s'
Navigator Switching tabs with pending grid edits cause a NullPointerException
SQL Commander History file entries created by the SQL Commander are not using the encoding as specified in Tool Properties->Encoding
SQL Commander Clicking on the Locate Error Statement icon in the log when the script has been executed with Execute Buffer results in an exception
SQL Commander Disabling "Process Variables in SQL" or "Process Parameter Markers in SQL" have not effect and variables and markers are always processed
SQL Editor Caret position is misleading for CRLF line break, counted as two positions

8.0.4 - Released 2011-09-16

Area Details
Grid Component Allow adding/removing non-adjacent rows in selection by ctrl+click in the grid row header
SQL Commander Show any chained errors when executing in the SQL Commander
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Data tab Memory leak while reload in a SQL Commander result set or in the table Data tab
DB Support: Mimer SQL User Defined types are not expressed properly in the CREATE TABLE DDL
Grid Component Exception is raised if opening the cell editor with a (null) value
Query Builder Expressions containing operations (e.g. "a - b + c") are corrupted when loaded into the Query Builder
SQL Commander Showing result sets in the SQL Commander will generate an OutOfMemoryError with Alloy L&F and having the "Automatically Show Grid Warnings" enabled
SQL Editor Delete to Word Start/End only works once if the caret is in the middle of a word
SQL Editor The Insertion Point to End of Line shortcut moves the caret to a position one column beyond the end of line for scripts with CRLF (Windows) line terminators

8.0.3 - Released 2011-08-30

Area Details
DB Support: Mimer SQL Show error position in the SQL log when running a statement in SQL Commander
Explain Plan The node tooltip should be disabled while in the magnifying mode
Grid Component Allow using the SPACE key to select entries in editable cell lists
Grid Component Enable the hex viewer for any data type and not only binary/BLOB
Grid Component The read-only only cell viewer window should include the button to convert XML (and any other formatted views) to plain text
Key Bindings Command-W should close tab/internal windows rather than Commands-F4 when using OS X key map
Table Data Editor Column names specified in different case may result in table data editing being disabled
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion If a TAB precedes the completion list, the selection replaces all content on the line
Database Profile: Actions Actions with password data appear in clear text in the preview area
DB Support: DB2 LUW Explain plan don't work properly if setting the currentSchema driver property
DB Support: DB2 LUW VARGRAPHIC size is not included in DDL
Grid Component Java VM error may occur when using copy in grid or export
Grid Component Scrollbars are not reset when loading a smaller CLOB in the Data Cell Editor
Navigator Selecting a Related Table with the mouse picks the currently selected entry and not the entry under the mouse
SQL Commander When passing a variable to the @run command, a "file does not exist" message is erroneously logged
SQL Editor Expand All does not adjust the horizontal scroll bar size appropriately
SQL Editor With Expand Tab to Whitespace enabled, the TAB key always inserts a fixed number of spaces instead of aligning at tab positions
SQL Editor The Comment Line/Block features comment only the visible region in the editor
SQL Editor The Comment Line feature comments the row where the caret is even if that row is not part of the selection
SQL Editor Caret is invisible or is not blinking while executing a script
SQL Editor The radio button in the Target section in the Find/Replace dialog can not be set by clicking on the labels
SQL History Details pane may not show in the Scripts and History features
Workspace Double-click a .sql file in the finder, DbVisualizer starts but the file is not loaded. (Works fine on Windows)

8.0.2 - Released 2011-08-07

Area Details
Navigator Handle large list of Related Tables in a better way, e.g. make the list scrollable
SQL Editor Restore the 7.1 behavior for Insertion Point to End of Line
SQL Editor Add option to show non-printable characters (tab, whitespace, etc) in the editor
Table Data Editor Table data editor need to save edits in the following order: 1) deletes, 2) updates, 3) inserts to prevent triggering constraint rules
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Chart Range of Y-axis is erroneous if the max value in a serie is negative
Database Objects Tree The objects tree right click menu may render some actions as disabled
DB Support: PostgreSQL Select composite type column gives exception
DB Support: PostgreSQL Exception or incomplete info when getting column info for DDL
DB Support: SQL Server The default schema cannot be determined for some database configurations
References Not possible to open references graph GML files in yED
References A NullPointerException occur when exporting references graph in SVG or PDF formats
SQL Editor Selection not cleared by Move Caret o Next/Previous Word
SQL Editor Triple-clicking a line to select it and then extending the selection by dragging the mouse down deselects the first line
SQL Editor Delete Line clears all text but does not remove the line break
SQL Editor The action for moving/selecting to the previous word places the caret at the end of the target word instead of at the beginning
SQL Editor The statement parsing is off if a file containing CR linefeeds is loaded in to the editor
SQL Editor "Invalid location" warning when deleting all text as the first edit action
SQL Editor The caret placement may be off when the font specified in the settings file does not exist on the current platform
SQL Editor Copy of multiple lines and pasting them over the selection may lose indentation
SQL Editor Horizontal scroll with wheel/trackpad scrolls vertically
SQL Editor Extending the selection by dragging the mouse up in the row number area stops suddenly
SQL Editor The action for moving/selecting to the previous word places the caret one character to the left of the target when caret is at the beginning of a line
Table Data Editor After saving in data editor, edited cells may still show old value
Table Data Editor While saving in the data editor, edited cells flicker and show the old value
Table Data Editor Fix so that when editing a cell value (for duplicated rows) to the same value it currently have, should preserve the edited state

8.0.1 - Released 2011-06-29

Area Details
Connection Setup Embedded databases taking filename as part of the database URL should offer a file chooser in the connection setup (Server Info only)
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Data tab The "Max Rows at First Display" setting have effect only for the very first table data being displayed
DB Support: PostgreSQL Exception or incomplete info when getting column info for DDL
Export Export in XLS/XLSX format occasionally leave the exported file locked by DbVisualizer
General Browsing the online documentation from the Help->Users Guide in DbVisualizer results in a 404 (Page not found) error
Import Changing Decimal Number Format in Tool Properties from Unformatted may lead to data truncation during import
Performance/Stability Occasional exceptions may appear at startup
SQL Commander Running SQL blocks may result in error
SQL Editor Changing SQL Editor font is not preserved for the primary editor when re-starting DbVisualizer
SQL Editor When dropping a name into the SQL editor the position of the cursor is not moved after the name but stay at the drop position
SQL Formatter The Format SQL->Paste Formatted clear the editor and reset undo buffer while it should just paste at caret position and keep undo buffer
SQL Formatter Format SQL->Copy Formatted should operate on selection rather than whole buffer

8.0 - Released 2011-06-16

New Features
Area Details
Chart Replace the outdated charting component with a modern one (see related improvements below)
Connection Setup Add support for SSH tunneling
Connection Setup Redesign the Connect tab to enable SSH tunneling, more prominent placement of common properties, etc.
DB Support: H2 Add extended support for the H2 database
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby Add Sequence support for JavaDB/Derby
DB Support: Mimer SQL Add Explain Plan support for Mimer SQL
DB Support: SQLite Add extended support for the SQLite database
DDL Generator Add DDL generator and application support for CREATE INDEX
Export Add Export actions for individual object, i.e. View, Procedure, Function, Package, Package Body, and Trigger
Export Add support for export in OOXML (xlsx) format. Enables export of more than 65K rows in a single sheet
Export Add TXT export format used to export fixed width columns output (grid export only)
General Add support for the -connection, -userid and -password arguments for the DbVisualizer GUI. When passed as arguments then automatically connect the database connection at startup
General Adapt DbVisualizer for the upcoming Java 1.7 version
Grid Component Add "Copy Selection as Text (With Column Header)" in the grid right-click menu
Navigator Allow editing in the Navigator grid
Navigator Add Quick Filter for the Navigator grid
SQL Commander Add "Show Object at Cursor" feature that will locate the object at the cursor position and show its details in window
SQL Editor Replace the SQL/text editor component to allow for various improvements (see below)
Workspace Optimize screen estate usage. Allow for configuring visibility of certain components
Area Details
Auto Completion Auto completion doesn't work if command is "WITH"
Auto Completion Add the supported client side commands to the auto completion popup
Auto Completion Auto Completion should show database specific reserved words
Chart Support date/time/timestamp columns in X axis with proper scaling
Chart A monitor script with manually adjusted chart settings are not used if re-executing the monitor in the SQL Commander
Chart Chart setting changes made in the SQL Commander should be used automatically for new charts
Chart Make more chart settings persistent
Chart Automatically setup serie in chart at first display
Chart Support GIF export format for Charts
Chart A bookmark in SQL Commander should apply any chart settings from the bookmark
Command Line Support (dbviscmd) Use a better error message when the specified connection does not exist
Connection Setup Using the connection wizard to create a connection should insert the new connection based on the current object tree selection
Connection Setup Change the controls to make it clear that Save Password and Clear Password at Disconnect are mutually exclusive
Create/Alter Table Include table name in constraint name suggestions
Data tab The data filtering feature automatically add WHERE first making it impossible to manually add for example "with (NOLOCK)". Fix by allowing !WHERE to be specified first in the filter
Database Objects Tree The cache with primary keys and unique indexes need to be reset when reloading the objects tree (and also implicitly at reconnect)
Database Profile: Actions The object action window need to be bigger for some actions such as "Create Tablespace" in Oracle
Database Profile: Actions Unsaved edits in the object action window should be confirmed when user request canceling the action
DB Support: Oracle The list of TNS names for Oracle should be sorted
DB Support: Oracle Use the temporary table SYS.PLAN_TABLE$ for explain plan in Oracle 9+
DB Support: Oracle Better support for "Object Type" objects in Oracle
DB Support: Oracle Add "resize datafile" and "add datafile" actions for UNDO and TEMP tablespaces
DB Support: Oracle ASM updates for Oracle
DB Support: Oracle Support for Oracle rules, /*+rule */, without need for special configuration
DB Support: PostgreSQL Support for array types in DDL
DB Support: SQL Server Show computed column expression in DDL
DB Support: Sybase ASE Order objects based on schema and name, as opposed to just name without regard for the schema
Explain Plan Add copy to clipboard functionality for explain plan result set
Explain Plan The tree view in explain plan should be exportable
Explain Plan Copy Selection as Text and Export Grid (TXT and HTML formats) in Explain Plan grid should indent the tree column accordingly
Export Make it possible to select how to delimit SQL blocks for procedure DDL
Export Option to control position of SQL statement in export output (above/below result set)
Favorites Add Replace action for a favorite that references a database object. This should replace the information for the favorite with the data for the selected database object
General Quitting DbVisualizer should wait for all active connections to properly disconnect
General Menubar items are not anti aliased when running DbVisualizer in Linux
Import Optionally drop an existing table with the same name when using Import to New Table
Import Add copy/paste support in "New Database Table" and in the "Map Table Columns with File Columns" import table data grids
Installation Allow command line flag to the installer that disable file associations when installing in silent mode
Monitor Should be possible to hide the toolbar for each monitor window/tab
Monitor Save chart font, colors and other settings with monitor
Monitor Auto started monitors need to run the connect prompter
Navigator Add possibility to select a row in the Data tab grid and use it as start for the Data Navigator
OS Support: Mac OS X Mac OS X: Option to add newly installed version in the Dock
Print Print text in the SQL Editor as text instead of as a screenshot
Query Builder Improve the support for CASE clauses in a query
References Add option to control whether compound references should be rendered only with one link
References Add an option to control auto zooming when searching in the references graph
Scripts Loading a file from the Scripts tab should use the Default File Encoding in Tool Properties if encoding for the file is not set
Scripts Minimize file access operations to increase performance when accessing files on remote hard drives
SQL Commander Should be possible to open a .sql file and load it into a running instance of DbVisualizer
SQL Commander Connections with same alias aren't visibly differentiated in for example the Connection drop down in the SQL Editor
SQL Commander Path errors in the @run and @cd command should be handled just like other errors instead of showing an alert dialog and stopping the execution
SQL Commander Allow for relative paths to be used with the @cd command
SQL Commander Caret position and focus in SQL editors should be preserved when jumping between editor tabs using mouse
SQL Commander Add support for ${dbvis-pwd} that will be replaced with the current directory
SQL Commander Add new setting to control whether result sets produced in the SQL Commander always should be read-only
SQL Editor Allow change of background color in the SQL editor and foreground color for text
SQL Editor Support for code folding in the SQL editor
SQL Editor Must be possible to change colors in the editor
SQL Editor Color-coding should not interpret backslash as an escape character other than for MySQL databases
SQL Editor Underline should not be considered a separator between two words on double click i.e. both words and the underline should be selected
SQL Editor When opening a new SQL Editor the settings for Max Rows/Max Chars should pick their values from the previously displayed editor
SQL Editor Should be possible to disable bold for keywords in the SQL Editor
SQL Editor Add database specific highlighting of reserved words
SQL Editor Insertion "Point to Next/Previous Word" should ignore underscore characters
SQL Editor Add a "Search Scope" in the SQL Editor Find feature
SQL Editor Support regular expression in Find
SQL Editor SQL Editor shall have focus when going to SQL Commander directly after start-up of DbVisualizer
SQL Editor SQL editor should support anti-aliased fonts
SQL Editor Make it possible to change the selection color
SQL Editor Show position of caret based on current statement
SQL Editor Add support for editing macro recording and playback
SQL Editor Add support for Paste from previous clipboard content
SQL History Quick filter in the SQL History should support searching the SQL script content
Table Data Editor Table data editor should keep focus when saving or reloading the data
Table Data Editor Save and undo buttons in table data editor are not activated when editing a single cell or when using functions to fill a single cell
Table Data Editor Add Enable/Disable All buttons in the key column chooser
Table Data Editor Table Data editing should not rely on the variable identifier/delimiter specified in Tool Properties
Tool Properties The settings for proxy should automatically be picked from the system
Workspace Support drag and drop of bookmark, monitor and favorite files between DbVisualizer and external tools such as Windows Explorer, Finder (Mac) and File Browser (Linux)
Workspace Adjust all windows so that they are no bigger than 1280x800
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Manually specified qualifier is removed when using auto completion
Auto Completion Auto completion doesn't show if name is immediately preceded with a slash
Auto Completion Table hint for SQL Server is treated as alias in the auto completion feature
Auto Completion Auto completion should use the database/catalog qualifier when looking for matching tables and columns
Database Profile: Actions The SQL Formatter spins forever when formatting the action SQL for Create Synonym
DB Support: Oracle Cannot use a plan_table referenced with a public synonym
General Copy text from IntelliJ IDEA results in a low level warning message being printed in the debug window
Performance/Stability Memory leak while running a lot of actions
Performance/Stability Memory leak
SQL Editor Color highlighting for comments in the SQL editor doesn't match the settings of comment identifiers
SQL Editor Syntax coloring doesn't render properly if certain character combinations are in the editor buffer
SQL Editor Netbeans editor suddenly disappear on Windows
SQL Editor The warning "The file has been modified externally after it was originally loaded" in the SQL editor may appear erroneously if the file is stored on a network drive
SQL Editor Extend Selection to Beginning of Line (or Beginning of Text on Line) should not restart selection
SQL Formatter Formatter breaks erroneously on "TIMESTAMP<BR>WITH<BR>TIME ZONE..."
Table Data Editor If selecting a cell directly start edit the value no cursor appear

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