Release Notes 9.0

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9.0.9 - Released 2013-08-28

Area Details
DB Support: Oracle Add support for domain index type clause in DDL for Index
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Column names must never be qualified within a USING clause
Database Objects Tree A NullPointerException may appear when opening a new database object
Import Load custom import settings may result in an error if referenced CSV file doesn't exist
Query Builder When the Query Builder overwrites text in the SQL editor, the change cannot be undone
References Triple-click on a table in the references graph may result in an error
References Table in References not highlighted when clicked in search result list and if already selected
References A NullPointerException is thrown if a JDBC driver returns null for the KEY_SEQ column in a ResultSet for exported/imported keys
References There is a regex error when finding table nodes in the references graph and the search string contain parenthesis
References Zoom status bar information is not updated when zooming with mouse wheel
SQL Editor Highlight DATETIME as a keyword in the SQL Editor for SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Informix and MySQL
SQL Editor Setting background color for SQL editors doesn't affect the DDL viewer or Procedure Editor
SQL History Setting Max Entries to a negative number causes the GUI to freeze when executing a statement in the SQL Commander
Table Data Editor "Cannot launch run() while processing" message may occur during save

9.0.8 - Released 2013-07-16

Area Details
Auto Completion Auto completion should support the USING keyword
General Allow the and scripts to use a preset DBVIS_HOME value
Grid Component Make it possible hiding a grid column by right-click its label
Performance/Stability Add a Shutdown DbVisualizer button to Memory Monitor dialog
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Compare Icons missing for the compare windows
Create/Alter Table Alter Table window don't get focus when displayed or react to ESC button
DB Support: DB2 LUW The TRUNCATE option is missing in the Empty Table action for DB2 LUW 10.x versions
DB Support: Informix Significant whitespace may be missing in the code retrieved by the Trigger Editor
DB Support: PostgreSQL Saving changes in the Data tab when the table has UUID columns results in an error
DB Support: PostgreSQL Saving changes in the Data tab when the table has INTERVAL columns results in an error
Data tab Loading and saving CLOB data from/to a file in the Cell Editor ignores the specified encoding
Database Profile: Actions Default values are not handled by type="grid" actions (ex. Create Index for Tables)
Export Exporting binary columns may fail when running @export in the SQL Commander if the table name is not qualified with the schema
General User settings may not be stored properly
General The following error may appear randomly "WARNING: Could not open/create prefs root node SoftwareJavaSoftPrefs ..."
General Locale handling changed in Java 7 potentially showing data (numbers, date, time, etc.) in wrong format. Introduce backwards compatibility fix
Grid Component Invoking some actions in a grid doesn't grab focus
Installation/Update Installation Selecting an entry in the "Select Directory" dialog during install may scroll the list of directories
Query Builder Loading a SELECT statement with <tableName>.* or operations (e.g. col1 || col2) in the select list leads to an error
SQL Commander An exception may appear when creating a new SQL commander tab or when merging result sets
SQL Commander @run on an empty script file gives a "null" error
Tool Properties Some of the predefined patterns for Date and Timestamp data formats incorrectly use "mm" for month instead of "MM"

9.0.7 - Released 2013-06-04

Area Details
DB Support: DB2 LUW Include index partition info in the Indexes tab for DB2 LUW 9.7 or later
DB Support: Oracle Add ELSIF as a keyword for highlighting in the editor
Database Objects Tree Show any border icon for each database connection in the Connections overview
Grid Component Introduce "Hide Column" in the grid column header right-click menu
Java Pre-support (unofficial) for Java 8 (preview versions) in DbVisualizer on Windows and Linux
SQL Commander Add "Select in Databases Tab" action in the SQL Commander tab right-click menu (will locate the current database connection)
SQL Editor The caret should not blink when typing or pressing control keys to move it
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: Oracle The error position information in the Trigger Editor is off; it should be interpreted as relative to the start of the PL/SQL block
DB Support: Oracle The Session->Plan Data is empty if the child number for the SQL Statement > 0
Data tab Table filters (data tab) is not saved if database connection have the same name as one of the objects in the path for the table
Favorites Right-click a favorite bar item now work with Java 7
Grid Component Left-click a grid cell and then immediately right-click to show the menu will not only show the menu but also the cell viewer window
SQL Commander An error may occur if trying to save an auto-saved file that originates from an existing file
SQL Commander Comments with single quotes within an SQL Block may cause parsing errors when Strip Comments When Executing is disabled

9.0.6 - Released 2013-04-15

Area Details
Auto Completion Auto Complete should not look for tables/columns when the caret is at word separated from the name by space
Auto Completion Ignore underscore when looking for matching table and column names
Connection Setup Add instructional message for how to resolve the "Malformed reply from SOCKS server" problem
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add support for functions with RETURNS TABLE
DB Support: SQL Server Include required DLLs in the path so that windows authentication works out of the box with the jTDS driver
Grid Component Make it possible always showing the Cell Editor when double-clicking a cell for editing that contains special character
Import Save the source file with the other settings at Save as Default
SQL Commander The menu choice for "New SQL Commander" should also be available in the SQL Commander top-level menu and not only in the File menu
SQL Commander The File->Open Recent menu should be extended to show saved SQL files in addition to loaded files
SQL Editor Improve horizontal caret placement when moving then caret up or down
Scripts F2 doesn't work to start editing selected name in Scripts and Favorites lists
Workspace Add "Modify Default Tab Labelling" in the tab right-click menu for Object View, SQL Commander and Result Set tabs
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Compare The cell background color for all cells disappear when a cell in a block of changed cells is selected
Connection Setup Driver properties are not retrieved for some drivers
DB Support: MySQL Scale and precision are not included in the DDL for a DECIMAL column if scale is 10 or precision is 0
DB Support: Oracle Qualify Object with Schema/Database must be enabled to qualify a Function/Procedure with package name when executing from the Package Body Editor
DB Support: SQLite Generating DDL gives a "column 23 out of bounds [1,22]" error
Data tab Creating a new row count monitor in the Data tab may show an error if there are folders in the Scripts feature
Import Settings->Load Default Settings on the first wizard page may result in an NullPointerException
SQL Commander The result set may be read-only if the table name is not qualified by a schema and no schema is specified via the Schema list
SQL Editor To Uppercase/Lowercase does not work with a rectangular selection when CRLF linefeeds are used

9.0.5 - Released 2013-03-05

Area Details
Compare Allow column mapping between the two grids, so that tables with different column names can be compared
Compare Make it possible to specify which columns are key columns and which columns to ignore
Data tab Show full filter (WHERE and ORDER BY) in tooltip for filter under mouse
SQL Editor Shift-Up and Shift-Down arrow keys should move caret and select to beginning/end when on first/last line
Scripts Assign the F2 keybinding for editing selected name in Scripts and Favorites lists
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: DB2 z/OS Changing auto commit or requesting commit or rollback in the SQL Commander may result in DB2 threads being occupied in DB2 server on z/OS
DB Support: Sybase ASE Showing object details for a Sybase Function results in an error
Database Profile: Actions The "Preparing xxx" dialog is displayed indefinitely and the action window is never displayed with Java 7 on Linux
General Creating a new folder in the file chooser using Synthetica L&F will not highlight or enable the newly created folder name in edit mode
SQL Commander Using file chooser to drill-down into a directory using keyboard is not possible (double-click is required)
SQL Commander The result set for a SELECT FOR UPDATE statement may be read-only in some cases
SQL Formatter The "lower" keyword is not formatted to uppercase when requested

9.0.4 - Released 2013-02-19

Area Details
Compare Allow comparison of similar data types, e.g. Integer and BigDecimal
Compare Center the current difference vertically when navigating between them
Create/Alter Table Create/Alter Table window need to be larger and optimize column sizes
DB Support: MySQL Order procedures and triggers by name in the objects tree
DB Support: SQL Server Remove dependency on SQL Server 2000 compatibility views in the DDL generator and the profile queries
Database Objects Tree Support re-arranging multiple database connections and folders using drag and drop
Database Profile: Actions The Create Trigger action should support setting multiple trigger events (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)
Favorites Favorites editor and the favorites bar should support adding multiple objects at once
Favorites Support re-arranging multiple favorites and folders using drag and drop
Grid Component Add an entry for the Column Chooser in the grid header right-click menu (is currently only available as a button above the vertical scrollbar)
Grid Component Add "Inverse Selection" action in grid right-click menu
Performance/Stability Improve performance for getting column information in most cases, e.g. when deciding if a result set should be editable
Query Builder Should be possible to remove all joins for a specific table (i.e. right-click in table node and select "Remove All Joins")
SQL Commander Add a "Load SQL in New Editor" to result set tab right-click menu and log icon
SQL Editor Do not move the caret and scroll positions when doing Replace All
SQL Editor Up and Down arrow keys should move caret to beginning/end when on first/last line
SQL History Opening a history entry from the SQL History editor should make the main window active
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Compare Flip may cause an error (NullPointerException)
DB Support: PostgreSQL Data types with "WITH/WITHOUT TIME ZONE" and declared precision are not handled correctly in Create/Alter Table
Favorites The "Add to Favorites" window should only display folder objects in the Favorites list
Grid Component The coloring of XML data in the XML Viewer makes it difficult to read when rows are selected
Monitor Changing series while auto reloader is running may clear all active series
SQL Commander Passing both -connection and -sqlfile arguments doesn't set the connection in the SQL Commander loaded with the file
SQL Commander Recognize WITH as a SELECT in the execution permission control

9.0.3 - Released 2013-01-26

Area Details
Connection Setup Allow (null) to be specified as the value for Database Userid and Password
DB Support: Oracle Add enhancements for the Oracle Scheduler and Resource Manager
DB Support: Oracle Add Session Wait and Session Event view for DBA Views->Sessions->Session
DB Support: Oracle Add views for Oracle Direct NFS (dNFS) in DBA Views->Storage
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add support for refcursor OUT parameters and return values
Database Objects Tree Should be possible to configure in Tool Properties which of Open In Tab, Open in New Tab or Open in Floating Tab should run when double-click a database object
Database Profile: View Would be great if the tables list (and other lists) have the "Open in New Tab" and "Open in Floating Tab" right-click commands
Performance/Stability Add a "Don't show this again" checkbox to the "still not enough memory" dialog for the Memory Monitor window
SQL Commander File->Save (Ctrl+S) should be active even if no file is loaded and in that case show the "Save As" window
SQL Commander Should be possible to configure if the database object scripting feature should be launched or simply insert object name when dropping object in SQL editor
Workspace Remove "Do you want to close the tab or restore it in the main window" question when closing floating window
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: DB2 LUW The Data Type list for Create Table includes BOOLEAN and other types that cannot be used as a column data type
DB Support: SQL Server An exception may appear when displaying column information for a table
Database Profile: Actions Related list field(s) are not updated when changing the list selection of another field. Example: Oracle->Statistics->AWR->Run Report
Database Profile: Actions Statements executed via Actions are not committed if auto-commit is not enabled for the connection
Import Schema is missing in INSERT statements for some databases (e.g. SQL Server) when importing to new table
Key Bindings Cmd-W doesn't close SQL History, Monitor and Driver Manager windows when using Mac OS X key map
SQL Commander The "Confirm Close of Unsaved Editors" tool property have no effect in some situations
Workspace UI may flicker and focus may move to another component while DbVisualizer is auto saving editors and layout
Workspace Using key binding to close floating tab, doesn't close the window but rather the active tab in the main window

9.0.2 - Released 2012-12-18

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup A NullPointerException is reported when connecting with my custom driver definition
Installation Add a Windows 64-bit zip installer

9.0.1 - Released 2012-12-17

Area Details
DB Support: Mimer SQL Optimize SQL for getting metadata in v10 and later
Performance/Stability Closing tabs and stopping jobs in the Memory Monitor window does not always release memory
Query Builder Columns should be sorted in the table windows
SQL Commander Show warnings, if any, even when an exception is thrown
Tool Properties Make it configurable to set that active tabs are rendered with a bold title font
Workspace Add a "Open in Floating Tab" action for database objects
Workspace Floating windows should be possible to maximize, minimize and not always be in front of main window
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Pressing the explain properties button in the explain plan feature sometimes render the Explain Plan properties pane (in Connection Properties) twice (on top of each other)
Connection Setup The Connection Properties pane is not updated if changing for example Database Type or Driver in the Connections tab
Connection Setup Error message is incomplete if connect fail due to unexpected problem in the JDBC driver
Connection Setup Driver Properties is empty unless setting the Database URL in the Settings Format->Database URL
Create/Alter Table The Referenced Column cannot be selected
Create/Alter Table The Referenced Catalog and Schema defaults in the Create Table Foreign Key tab do not match the current Tables node
DB Support: Oracle Role names with special characters need to be quoted in the Clone User action
Database Objects Tree Not possible to dock floating Databases, Scripts or Favorites windows using standard close window button
Database Objects Tree Disabling object tree filtering does not remove the Filtered label for entries
Database Objects Tree Object tree filtering don't work properly with Sybase ASE, DB2 z/OS and DB2 LUW
Database Objects Tree Press Enter key while there is no selection in the Databases list generates an error
Database Objects Tree (Default) and Filtered labels in the databases objects tree are not colored properly if appearing for the same entry
Favorites Hide/display of the favorite and main tool bars have no effect on new windows created with File->New Window
General Problem starting DbVisualizer if using the Turkish locale
OS Support: Windows Open a .sql file on Windows starts DbVisualizer but doesn't load file
SQL Commander Execute Current with the caret on a line with a comment executes the wrong statement
SQL Commander Partial result sets are not shown when the query is stopped
SQL Editor Replace with parenthesis in "what" does not work
SQL Formatter DbVisualizer variables should be kept as-is instead of expanded to their full format
Scripts Saving bookmark script may not save database connection, schema and catalog
Table Data Editor Saving table data changes always save to default database in Informix

9.0 - Released 2012-11-29

Area Details
Chart The point value popup (displayed when hovering a chart point) should appear even when not exactly over the point and remain active if moving cursor to another point
Connection Setup Add support for custom component borders
Connection Setup Remove the "Single Physical Connection" feature and tool property
Connection Setup Give focus to the Database Userid field when entering the Database Setup page in the wizard
Create/Alter Table Make the Create/Alter Table dialog non-modal
DB Support: Informix The database qualifier should be recognized in various features, e.g. for auto-completion when looking for matching tables and columns
DB Support: Oracle Choosing Connection Type = TNS for Oracle should show an instruction how TNS names are loaded if the list of names is empty
DB Support: Oracle Bundle the Oracle JDBC driver with DbVisualizer
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add visual Explain Plan support for PostgreSQL version 9 and later
Data tab Auto completed column names in the table data filter should respect the "Case for Completed Names" and "Delimited Identifiers" in Tool Properties
Database Objects Tree Need to visually show that child nodes has been filtered in the objects tree
Database Objects Tree While browsing database objects and the connection is lost with the database, preserve the currently visible tab at re-connect
Database Objects Tree Don't use the SHIFT modifier in the objects tree zx
Database Objects Tree Add feature for multi deletion of Database Connections
Database Objects Tree Add a way to insert "Script Object to Editor" results at the caret position in the current editor
Database Objects Tree Double-click an object in the Databases tab should open the object and not expand any child objects
Database Objects Tree Allow for multiple "object view" tabs opened at the same time
Database Objects Tree Allow rename of object view tabs
Database Profile: Actions Support multiple action windows without locking the rest of the user interface (Ex: Create Table, Rename Table, Create Trigger, etc).
Database Profile: Actions Copy in SQL Preview in Object Action window and Variable substitution window should copy selected text and not all of the text
Database Profile: View Add support to load a database object in a specific object view tab using drag from databases tab to the target object view tab
Database Profile: View Add support to save and reset the layout of sub tabs for object view top-level tabs (bound to database type and object type)
Export Add support for export in "json" format
Favorites Support drag and drop of the favorites toolbar so that it can be positioned after the main toolbar buttons
Favorites Add "Select Target Object" in Favorites tab list right-click menu and in the favorites bar right-click menu for a favorite
avorites Show path of target object as tooltip
Favorites Add sort capability in the Favorites tab (right-click menu)
General Improve the database access strategy, e.g. to minimize or remove the need to ever lock the GUI, prevent freezes when a connection is down, etc.
General Replace the multi row tab component with a single row tab solution (for object view, SQL commander, result set and monitor tabs)
eneral Change name of "DbVisualizer Personal" to "DbVisualizer Pro"
General Improve the management of the commit/rollback prompt window at disconnect
Grid Component Add support for comparing result sets
rid Component The grid column auto resizer may truncate data
mport Add a way to Save and Restore the import settings
mport Add control for disabling the use of delimited identifiers when importing to a new table
mport Make the Import Table Data dialog non-modal
Import The file filter in the import file chooser should default to .csv file extension
S Support: Mac OS X Add full screen support for Lion/Mountain Lion
erformance/Stability Get Table Row Count data in a background thread
Performance/Stability Better handling of high memory usage
Procedure Editor Add keyboard shortcut for hide/show errors
Procedure Editor Execute a procedure/function within the context of the Procedure Editor instead of the current SQL Commander
References Add support to script CREATE, DROP, DELETE and INSERT statements for tables in the References graph
References Keep "Specified Tables" enabled after reload in the References graph
SQL Commander Make it possible to disable preprocessing for scripts of any size
SQL Commander Make it possible to detach any result set in SQL Commander and Monitor in own window
SQL Commander Add support for compare of SQL Commander editors and editor with file
SQL Commander Auto-save SQL Commander editor buffer between sessions
SQL Commander Add a "Connect and Execute" button to the establish connection dialog
SQL Commander The database connection lists should support showing any color and/or border defined for the database connection
SQL Commander SQL Commander - unify the transaction management for non result set commands in the SQL editor and edits made in result sets for the same editor
SQL Commander Add support for loading multiple SQL files
SQL Commander Move the SQL Commander properties (right pane when visible) into Tool Properties
SQL Commander Support merging multiple result sets in a single text view
SQL Commander Add a "Save no SQL Commander editors" option when closing editors and quitting DbVisualizer
SQL Commander Opening a file that is already open in a SQL Commander should switch to that tab rather than opening a new
SQL Commander The vertical splitter in a newly created SQL Commander should have the same position as the previously active SQL Commander
SQL Commander Database Connection setting in a new SQL Commander tab should be set based on if the focus is in the databases tab, if not then the same settings as previously used editor should be applied
QL Commander Make stripping of comments configurable
QL Editor Support regular expressions in the SQL editor
SQL History Don't put focus in the Max Entries input field at first display
Scripts Sort scripts by organizing directories first and then regular files
Workspace Add support to show any tab in a separate window (float)
Workspace Drag a tab outside the window boundaries should float the tab in a separate window (same as Floating)
orkspace Add support for setting tab background color based on database connection
orkspace Add support for re-arranging tabs
Workspace A list of all unsaved editors at exit should show those that are unsaved and allow all/some to be saved at once instead of a query per editor.
Workspace Should be possible to set a custom label for the result set tabs
orkspace Verify main and sub tab locations
Workspace Should be possible to label SQL editor tabs regardless of any file being loaded
Workspace Double-click on Databases, Scripts and Favorites tabs should minimize these
Workspace Make it configurable whether the (gray) object view header should be visible in object view tabs
Workspace Remove the Alloy look and feel
Workspace Add support for preserving open SQL Commander (with content) and Object View tabs between DbVisualizer sessions
orkspace Introduce a close button in SQL Commander, Object View, Result Set and Monitor tabs
Workspace Allow using middle mouse button (alt+click) to close a tab
Workspace Maximize tab by double click tab header
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: SQL Server Source for a procedure is not available after rename with other tools
Database Objects Tree Add search by typing in the databases objects list and support for down/up keyboard buttons to move forward/backward
Explain Plan Fix explain plan for DB2 LUW version 10
Explain Plan Any variable values in the SQL are not passed with the SQL when Explain Plan
Favorites Renaming the database connection or changing its folder structure or folder names will break a database object favorite
General Commit/Rollback dialog freezes application upon network disruption
Grid Component The Grid Warnings popup should be closed on window move
Grid Component Focus is lost from result set when using for example Ctrl+R (reload)
Query Builder Extremely slow to add or remove columns in complex/large query
SQL Commander Warning when using Execute Current with a line comment on the first line and caret on first line
Scripts Should be possible to assign key bindings to the Open and Execute right click commands in the scripts tree
Table Data Editor An error is displayed if applying table data filter while grid is being reloaded

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