Release Notes 9.2

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9.2.17 - Released 2016-06-19

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Sporadic error may occur during connect

9.2.16 - Released 2016-06-15

Area Details
Driver Manager The connect error when using the deprecated JDBC-ODBC driver in Java 8 need to be more informative
SQL Commander Make it possible to filter Database and Schema list values
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup NPE when connecting and using master password
Create/Alter Table The Referenced Table lists in the Foreign Keys tab do not reflect the selected Database
Create/Alter Table Exception if Size field contains a blank
DB Support: Informix Show the type of trigger in the Triggers tab for a table
DB Support: Other NPE when using QB with IProtect (Aurora) database
DB Support: SQLite "[SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (near ")": syntax error)" is reported in the indexes tab for a table that have no indexes
DB Support: SQLite Indexes tab gives exception for DEFERRABLE declared index
DB Support: Vertica Remove the DDL tab for System Table nodes
Export Qualifier specified in Export action dialogs is not used in DDL statements
Export The rowCount parameter should not be generated since it is replaced with @set maxRows
General Tooltips are displayed sporadically
SQL Commander Exception when an @export block contains an @echo command
SQL Commander Parameter marker fails for similarly named parameters

9.2.15 - Released 2016-03-09

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Drivers with java.sql.DatabaseMetaData.getSchemas()/getCatalogs() methods returning a null ResultSet fail to connect
DB Support: DB2 LUW View for the DBA Views/Locks does not work
DB Support: Informix Enabling "Show Only Default Database/Schema" filter doesn't do anything for Informix
DB Support: MySQL TIME, DATETIME and TIMESTAMP data types lacks fractions in DDL
DB Support: NuoDB Create view does not prepend schema name
DB Support: NuoDB Drop trigger (table-trigger) does not work for nuo DB
DB Support: Oracle NPE when canceling the Alter Table dialog
DB Support: SQL Server DATE suggested as data type for String column at Import
DB Support: SQLite Script View action may give a table not found error
DB Support: Vertica, Import Import suggests non existing type when import decimal number
Export No end tag when exporting result grid as XmlDataSet or FlatXmlDataSet
Export Excel crashes when + icon is clicked for an exported binary xls document
Export The rowCount parameter should not be generated since it is replaced with @set maxRows

9.2.14 - Released 2015-12-22

Area Details
DB Support: Mimer SQL Update the Mimer JDBC driver to 3.35b(19427)
DB Support: MySQL Do not quote an already quoted default value for a column
DB Support: Oracle RAW data should be displayed as a Hex String by default
DB Support: Oracle Add connection property to hide the DBMS Output tab in the SQL Commander
DB Support: SQLite The default database file name for SQLite should not include the tilde (~) character
DB Support: SQL Server Upgrade the bundled jTDS driver to 1.3.1
DB Support: Sybase ASE Upgrade the bundled jTDS driver to 1.3.1
Export Changed settings in the last Export Grid pane are not saved when Settings->Save as Default Settings
OS Support: Mac OS X Should be possible to show the Monitor window in OS X fullscreen mode
References Add option to render only selected tables in the References graph
References Mark foreign key with icon in reference graph
SQL Commander Add tool property to control focused result set tab after execution (Result Sets->Focused Result Tab after Execution)
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Chart The Auto Adjust Start Value/Manual Start Value settings are also applied to the corresponding "End" settings when chart configuration is saved to file
Connection Setup The specified method name for any of java.sql.statement.X and java.sql.connection.X driver properties need to be trimmed
Data tab Current sorting and cell selections are not cleared when opening another table in the same Data tab
Driver Manager Driver Name and Version String are not reset when loading new JAR file
Filtering/Filter Sets The Data tab filter editor window errors if defining an IN or NOT IN value with multiple subsequent commas
Grid Component Grid column chooser configurations are not saved between reloads or DbVisualizer sessions
Monitor ConcurrentModificationException when running monitors
Navigator Regression in 9.2.13 preventing Data Navigator from working properly
SQL Commander @-command parameters with unquoted values should not be silently ignored
SQL Commander Exception while SQLEditor discovers that the Database Connection drop-down changed
Table Data Editor Inserting new rows or duplicate existing in the table data editor aren't sorted based on current column sorting
Table Data Editor Undoing edits in a sorted table data editor doesn't resort the grid if sorted

9.2.13 - Released 2015-11-19

Area Details
Chart Should be possible to set Y-axis end value in chart properties
Connection Setup SSH should not be available for connections accessing for example the file system
DB Support: Other Add driver entry for Snowflake
DB Support: SQL Server Add a DDL tab for Index nodes
Database Profile: Commands Add support for DatabaseMetaData.getSchemas(catalog, schema) in database profiles (getSchemas2)
SQL Editor Make the mouse click modifier for rectangular selection configurable
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Chart Chart is not properly scaled if having decimal numbers as series with very small differences (<0.01) between min and max
Chart Colors for series may change if selecting/de-selecting more/fewer series
Chart Chart zooming is reset when modifying chart properties, change series/category, and when chart being reloaded
Connection Setup Ping button may become disabled/enabled in situations when it shouldn't
Connection Setup Connection cannot be established if getting login schema/database fails
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby DDL tab for trigger is empty for Derby database
DB Support: MongoDB DataDirect driver for MongoDB returns a null column name for columns generated by a function
Data tab Column selections made in the Data tab column chooser are not propagated when "Copy complete SQL" and in the grid right-click "Script to SQL Commander" commands
Data tab Save in the Data tab doesn't keep any (inline) data filter when grid is reloaded after save
Data tab Generate Sorting Filter for Column Sorting in Data tab right-click Generate Filter & Sort menu only works if Include Grid Sorting is checked
Data tab Using a filter in the Data tab that results in "An error occured..." results in that column names can no longer be auto completed
Grid Component Copy cell(s) in grid inserts a new line at the end of the copied data
Grid Component Hide Column no longer works using the mouse
Grid Component Hiding column(s) in the SQL History cannot be restored without re-starting DbVisualizer
Import Data skipped in XLS import
Import Precision of decimal numbers during import and table data editing may be affected by the Decimal Number Format tool property
Monitor A monitor without a connection specified should not be started
Monitor Potential synchronization issue when executing multiple monitors for different schemas/databases using the same database connection
OS Support: Linux "sun.awt.image.BufImgSurfaceData cannot be cast to sun.java2d.xr.XRSurfaceData" exception should not be reported as a warning in the error log
OS Support: Mac OS X Java 8: If dragging a database object to the SQL editor the Script dialog freeze and don't accept any input except the ESC button
Object View ClassCastException when Restore Hidden Tabs on a nested DataView
SQL Commander Permission checker should ignore statements being comments
SQL Commander A comment in the script before executing a SELECT statement will disable result set editing unless Strip Comments when Executing is checked
SQL Commander @run should result in an error when the specified path is not a file, e.g. when it is a folder

9.2.12 - Released 2015-10-21

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: MySQL Occasional NullPointerException when generating DDL
DB Support: Oracle Exception when generating DDL for a View or when getting CLOB values
DB Support: Vertica The Referenced Table and Referenced Columns are not set for a foreign key in Alter Table dialog

9.2.11 - Released 2015-10-19

Area Details
Connection Setup Upgrade JSch to version 0.1.53
Create/Alter Table Specifying a referenced column for an FK should be optional
DB Support: Mimer SQL Enhance Mimer explain to handle new "partial" mode whereas these nodes should be rendered in orange color
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add support for function parameter default value in the DDL generator
Grid Component Allow assigning key binding to Remove Column (grid column header right-click menu)
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Make the Ping Server dialog more informative that it is used to do a basic ping with the server and not a full Test Connection procedure
DB Support: Informix CLOB values may be corrupted when loaded if the database use non-default character set
DB Support: MySQL Add auto increment column fails for Alter table
DB Support: MySQL Altering a column to primary key and auto increment does not work
DB Support: NuoDB NuoDB erroneously returns a backtick (`) as getSearchStringEscape() while it should return a backslash ()
DB Support: PostgreSQL Parameter markers starting with :: followed by whitespace is erroneously prompted as a marker
DB Support: Sybase ASE Getting procedure's DDL from different schemas under the same connection fails when using the jTDS driver
DB Support: Sybase ASE Procedure Editor shows no source for Sybase ASE 16 or later
DB Support: Vertica Some tree nodes are not sorted, e.g. user names under the Users node
Data tab Reload in the Data tab doesn't apply any (inline) data filter changes unless Use Filter button has first been clicked
Database Objects Tree Occasional NPE when reload database objects list
Export XmlDataSet and FlatXmlDataSet should have just one <dataset> element embedding all tables, not one for each table
Export @export of two result sets in CSV to the same file will append the second result sets first line to the last line of the first result set
Import Importing number containing a blank as thousand separator does not work
Java 8 DbVisualizer fail to start with IBM Java 8
Procedure Editor The editor should be cleared when the source code cannot be retrieved
SQL Commander Make it possible run script with no internal SQL being executed
SQL Commander Having a permission level that shows the confirmation dialog in the SQL Commander in combination with OS X and Java 8 causes the variable dialog to not accept text entry

9.2.10 - Released 2015-08-26

Area Details
DB Support: Hive Add a Database Type for HIVE enabling for example SSH support
DB Support: Hive Adjust the Data tab and result set tabs for HIVE to enable data editing
OS Support: Mac OS X Verify DbVisualizer with Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
References Add support for mouse wheel to scroll in graphs. (Use Alt+MouseWheel or Ctrl+MouseWheel to zoom)
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Sporadic exception while using auto completion in SQL editor
DB Support: DB2 LUW Catch AIOOB if extracting DDL fails
DB Support: Hive The error log complains about setAutoCommit() warnings for HIVE
Database Profile: Actions In the error dialog that is displayed after unsuccessful execute of an action, double-click the rightmost cell value and a CCE is displayed
Grid Component Occasional ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when reloading a result set
Grid Component The XML viewer should check the target database data type in addition to the content mime type to determine if it's XML or not
Grid Component Hiding a column in a grid on Linux with DbVisualizer running on a secondary monitor fail with some Linux distros/environment setups
Import The import progress information is not updated when importing from Excel
Import CSV import does not detect carriage return (r) as representing new lines
Import If errors occur while import Excel (xlsx) the error row number reference is wrong
Import Import does not honor "Import Only" properly as error rows are not counted
Import The Import progress information is only updated every 100th inserted row rather than at least once per second
References java.awt.geom.IllegalPathStateException: missing initial moveto in path definition in references graph
References The references List view should translate the values for UPDATE_RULE, DELETE_RULE and, DEFERRABILITY to readable text
References While References graph is loaded a small blue box is rendered on top of the nodes
SQL Commander Inconsistent display of rollback/commit dialog when auto commit off
SQL Commander The Auto Commit status bar item is always Auto Commit: ON for disconnected connections and before the very first statement has been executed
SQL Editor Find next/previous (fn+F3) in quick search shows any search previously made in the find with dialog
SQL Editor Rectangular editing does not change last line correctly when selecting top right to bottom left
Table Data Editor An editable grid with a large number of rows (ex 100,000) which is sorted takes unreasonable long time to reload, close (tab) or even quit DbVisualizer

9.2.9 - Released 2015-07-31

Area Details
DB Support: Vertica Support hints /*+ .... */ comment syntax for Vertica
OS Support: Windows Verify DbVisualizer with Windows 10
SQL Commander Parameter marker :variable:indicator should be handled as one parameter and not two
SQL Commander Add "New SQL Commander" to "SQL Commander" tab menu
SQL Commander Show actual exec time for failed statements in the SQL log rather than 0.000
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Some connection properties fields are only editable in corresponding standalone window (text editor, file chooser)
Connection Setup StackOverflow when editing a value in Driver Properties
DB Support: Mimer SQL Parameter markers identified by JDBC driver is not discovered unless either named or unnamed markers are in the SQL being executed
DB Support: SQL Server Show Column nodes for a View in the tree
DDL Generator If an error occurs for a column while extracting DDL this is silently ignored and extractor continues thinking the data is good to parse
Database Objects Tree Renaming a folder in the Databases tab doesn't preserve if immediately selecting another node
OS Support: Windows Cannot open system clipboard
Table Data Editor Potential StackOverflowException in Key Column Chooser (Table Data Editor)

9.2.8 - Released 2015-06-28

Area Details
DDL Generator Include DDL tab for tables in generic database profile (DbVisualizer Pro)
SQL Commander Allow execute current/execute selected statement in the SQL Commander in DbVisualizer Free
SQL Editor Make auto-indent configurable in Tool Properties
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Honoring searchStringEscape should be disabled for generic databases
Connection Setup Connections can be created with the same name
DB Support: Vertica Drop View action runs SQL drop table including cascade
Database Profile: Actions Regression in Script Table whereas time/date/timestamp values are propagated with current time instead of a empty quoted string
Export The ${dbvis-object}$ variable is not resolved in Filename when ExcelFileFormat is "ooxml"
Import Wrong sheet is used when a sheet is chosen for XML import (xlsx)
OS Support: Linux Error with IBM Java 7: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
OS Support: Windows Settings files may be destroyed if performing an uncontrolled shutdown of Windows
SQL Commander Failing setting schema makes schema drop-down change
SQL Commander If an array or struct data type hold primitive types DbVisualizer reports an error
SQL Commander Auto Completion fails if the statement is preceded by a comment
SQL Editor Right-click outside a selected text area deselects the text on Windows
SQL Editor Replace All Backwards may freeze DbVisualizer
SQL Editor Template abbreviations are only expanded if preceded by whitespace
SQL Editor Setting database in Editor not possible if multiple database exists with same name
Tool Properties Import/export of user settings may fail with a java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Tool Properties Empty file named "unnamed" in keymaps dir after import settings

9.2.7 - Released 2015-05-13

Area Details
Auto Completion Make it possible to initialize Database/Schema to Connection Default, None or Most Recent
Connection Setup Add a connection property used to disable honoring searchStringEscape in JDBC driver
DB Support: Oracle Add Grants tab for Materialized View
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
App Logging Connecting to HSQLDB gives StackOverflowException since 9.2.4
Create/Alter Table If JDBC driver provide an empty list of supported data types an error occur in create/alter table and table data import
Create/Alter Table Exception may occur in Create/Alter Table and the columns tab while searching data types
DB Support: DB2 z/OS The Create and Drop options are missing for Script Table and Script View
Filtering/Filter Sets Values for "in" filters doesn't restore at restart
Query Builder Identifiers starting with numbers must be delimited (quoted) when loading into the Query Builder to avoid errors
Query Builder DbVisualizer freezes when all joins are removed
SQL Commander Selecting the [Choose Connection] entry in the Database Connection drop-down gives an error
SQL Commander @ddl and @desc commands only support one qualifier
SQL Commander Having a variable in string format with more than 4 elements results in an exception
SQL Commander Selected Database/Schema should not be reset when connecting or disconnecting
SQL Commander Catalog/Schema drop-downs are not updated after execution to reflect any changes of catalog/schema in the script
Tool Properties Exception while loading border files that are not images

9.2.6 - Released 2015-04-16

Area Details
DB Support: NuoDB Add support for user defined functions in NuoDB 2.2
Filtering/Filter Sets Add object filters for: like, not like, and regex
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
App Logging -help and -version outputs to the error.log rather than the console
App Logging DbVisualizer fails to start if initialization of logging fails
Compare No colors in margin until scrolling
Connection Setup The file browser for e.g. the Database field does not allow a folder to be selected
Connection Setup Switching between Connection Type: Service and SID for Oracle connections may result in an error
Connection Setup A connection previously used by a closed SQL Commander may be reused for a new SQL Commander
DB Support: Informix Catalog separator (:) for Informix does not work in 9.2
DB Support: SQL Server Cannot drop column with default value via Alter Table due to dependency on system object
General Escape any _ and % characters in arguments to JDBC meta data calls
Grid Component Selecting entry from data type drop-down in Create/Alter Table using mouse doesn't work on Linux
Import NumberFormatException in Import of XLSX
Import Reloading Table Details may cause an exception
Import Exception may occur when Load Default Settings in import wizard
Import Empty column included in wizard when importing excel
Import Import does no longer save certain wizard settings when saving defaults
Import Suggested size for number does not change when changing preview rows during excel import
References java.awt.geom.IllegalPathStateException: missing initial moveto in path definition in references graph
SQL Commander GO delimiters must be written in lowercase
SQL Commander An error occurs if a user specified log file is locked by another application and the execution is halted
SQL Commander Allow formatting of custom Date/Time/Timestamp variables in the same way as for predefined date/time variables
SQL Commander Having for example @echo before any SELECTs in a script results in that the Database drop-down selection is not used to set current database
SQL Editor A line comment just before a @delimiter command cause an error when triggering auto-complete

9.2.5 - Released 2015-03-17

Area Details
Chart Change default number format for Y-axis labels to #,##0,#
General Allow log files to be attached to a Contact Support request
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: PostgreSQL Constraints with the same name in multiple tables are included in the DDL for all of those tables
Database Objects Tree Sporadic NPE when re-connect
General OverlappingFileLockException during startup
Java 8 Mac OS X and Java 8: A single ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurs without any stack trace and after that the UI is unresponsive
SQL Commander "Database connection cannot be changed while executing" is displayed randomly
SQL Commander A line comment just before a @delimiter command cause an error when triggering auto-complete

9.2.4 - Released 2015-03-05

Area Details
Command Line Support (dbviscmd) Make the command line honor the Strip Comments setting by default
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: Oracle and should not be prompted as parameter markers
Driver Manager Regression in the DriverManager resulting in JdbcOdbcDriver always being used in a custom driver
Import Import CSV doesn't work properly
SQL Commander Unexpected prompting for parameter marker values may occur if there is an empty quoted string earlier in the SQL

9.2.3 - Released 2015-02-25

Area Details
Java 8 Experimental support for Java 8
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Command Line Support (dbviscmd) A statement with any kind of delimited text, such as a quoted string, is not executed
Navigator The Max Rows setting is not honored
Query Builder Aggregator functions are not recognized as such when loading SELECT statement
SQL Editor Print Preview and Print may cause error when lines must be wrapped to fit on page
Tool Properties Changing Presentation of CLOB Data to Value doesn't survive between sessions

9.2.2 - Released 2015-02-18

Area Details
DB Support: MySQL Add support for explain plan in MySQL
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Chart Copy chart to clipboard don't work on Mac OS X
DB Support: Informix A colon in an identifier is processed as a parameter marker
Driver Manager Having P6Spy in a JDBC driver jar file will fail during search of drivers
Filtering/Filter Sets Object filters that are migrated from pre 9.2 versions re-appear when deleting them in 9.2.x
Filtering/Filter Sets Object filtering drop-down entries are not selectable when they should
General The -DMaxPermSize Java property is not supported with Java 8
Grid Component Selecting all cells in a grid by clicking row number and then Command+C copies the row number rather than the selected data cells
Key Bindings Create a key binding gives an error with Java 8
Navigator Exception may occur while opening related tables in the Data Navigator
OS Support: Mac OS X Exception using key binding in SQL Commander with Java 8 on Mac OS X
OS Support: Mac OS X Dropping tables in Query Builder results in an error with Java 8
OS Support: Mac OS X Mac OS X fullscreen support is fixed in Java 1.8.0_20
OS Support: Mac OS X Java 8: "Invalid parameter not satisfying: [self canBecomeMainWindow]..." may appear when actions are executed
OS Support: Mac OS X Holding down a letter key in a text component can freeze the GUI
Procedure Editor No trigger source is shown if the BEGIN or DECLARE keyword is not the first word on a line
SQL Commander Backslash-escaped quotes in strings cause incorrect parsing of an SQL script
SQL Commander An SQL Block end delimiter on the last line without a corresponding start delimiter results in an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
SQL Commander With "Strip Comments when Executing" disabled, statement delimiters (e.g. ";") in a comment results in the comment being sent in pieces to the database
SQL Editor Loading a SQL history entry in a modified editor should include a "Do not show this message again. Always Discard & Load" setting in the warning dialog
SQL Editor If holding a key in the SQL editor to repeatedly insert a character only a single char is inserted (as per OS X defs) but after that it is impossible to insert any character at all
Tool Properties Mac OS X: Cannot change font with mouse in Tool Properties - SOLVED by using Java 1.7.0_72 and later
Tool Properties Export/import user settings doesn't work as database connections are empty

9.2.1 - Released 2015-01-29

Area Details
DB Support: DB2 iSeries Add setting for DB2 iSeries to convert CHAR FOR BIT data to text
DB Support: MySQL The MySQL driver should by default disable the "Buffer All Rows for a Result Set" to minimize memory issues
Export Custom sheet name for Excel export
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Updating a connection with an empty SSH Tunnel section may cause an error
DB Support: Vertica Show argument types next to name for SQL Functions and UDFs in the Databases tab
DB Support: Vertica The Function Editor may load the wrong source for an overloaded SQL Function
Database Objects Tree Occasional errors may happen while browsing database objects or during schema export
General Unable to startup due to configuration file issue(s)
Grid Component A large number of dbvis-<n>.<x> files in the temporary directory
Import Exception in wizard when preparing import of excel file (xslx)
Key Bindings Remove Next/Previous Word default key bindings not correct on all platforms
OS Support: Mac OS X Unattended install (-q) shows a window
Procedure Editor Parameterized SQL must be enabled regardless of user setting for the SQL Commander
Query Builder Invalid keyword may result in an error when loading a SELECT statement
SQL Commander Error parsing parameter markers
SQL Editor Parameter markers incorrectly detected when between brackets or backtick quotes
Table Data Editor Result set is not editable if using a sub query in the select statement
Tool Properties An error may occur when import of user settings

9.2 - Released 2015-01-12

Area Details
Auto Completion Full auto completion support for client side commands and their parameters
Compare Allow comparison of two cells in the same grid
Connection Setup Re-introduce the "single physical database connection" behavior
Connection Setup Add support for editing multiple database connections
Connection Setup Add optional master password protection for DbVisualizer
Connection Setup Add a Connection Keep Alive feature
Connection Setup The DB2 z/OS database type should be set when using the DB2 z/OS driver definition
DB Support: DB2 iSeries The Schema list in the SQL Commander should really change the current schema
DB Support: H2 Upgrade to H2 1.3.175
DB Support: Oracle Add DDL support for GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE
DB Support: Oracle Add support for export of sequences and synonyms in Export Schema
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add support for editing HSTORE, JSON and JSONB values in the grid
DB Support: SQLite Upgrade to SQLite 3.8.6
Database Objects Tree Make it possible to hide certain object types
Database Objects Tree Support for multiple named filters
Database Objects Tree Support filter sets with pre-defined filters that can be switched easily
Database Objects Tree Support sharing object tree filters between database connections
Database Objects Tree Allow de-activating some filters in the objects tree
Database Objects Tree Ensure Database Connection and Folder names are unique under its parent node
Database Objects Tree Support more filtering conditions (ex in, not in, starts with, contains, ...)
Database Profile: Actions Allow showing result sets generated by action in a text viewer
Export Exported binary Excel files has sheets selected initially resulting in edits being made in one sheet are propagated to all sheets
Export Default sheet names does not follow Excel standard at export (Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3)
Export Should be possible to specify qualifiers and delimited identifiers (for SQL format) in Export
Grid Component Add option to allow free horizontal scrolling in grids instead of the current column-by-column based scrolling
Grid Component Add new Copy Selection actions to grids: Copy as Comma list, Copy as IN clause
Import Add support for Excel (xls/xlsx) import of table data
Import Make it possible to specify in which row any header starts and the data in CSV import
Import File row numbers in import preview panel
Import Import into new table with a DECIMAL column should suggest size,scale for the DECIMAL data type
Installation/Update Installation Offer a Debian software package installer
Key Bindings Can't set key bindings for Tools->Compare
OS Support: Windows Show splash screen when starting second DbVisualizer instance
SQL Commander An SQL Commander tab with a file loaded should be removed at next startup if the referred file has been deleted and the SQL Commander is not modified & auto-saved in previous DbVisualizer session
SQL Commander Allow having the Log and all result set tabs in a floating window that persist as long as the SQL Commander tab or when docked
SQL Commander The Set Auto Commit command in the SQL menu should show on/off based on current mode to make it more intuitive
SQL Commander The Schema list in the SQL Editor should really change the current schema for PostgreSQL
SQL Commander Allow use of parameter markers (?, :pm, &pm, or :{pm}) for any database
SQL Commander Support the :'x' parameter marker format
SQL Commander Add a @sleep command
SQL Commander Add new client side command (@set resultset name <name>) used to set a name for the next result set
SQL Editor Add support for pre-defined templates and custom SQL templates
SQL Formatter Option to format a SQL statement into a single line by removing newlines, tabs, etc.
Table Data Editor Show current cell data format in the table editor status bar
Tool Properties Import Settings should merge database connections
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: SQLite [SQLITE_NOTADB] File opened that is not a database file (file is encrypted or is not a database)
DB Support: Vertica "Map to String" viewer for Flex Tables show an error
Export Export to XLSX doesn't output non-printable characters properly
Installation/Update Installation Add Mac OS X installer that include Java 7
SQL Editor Exception when click "Discard Edits" and then click in editor when dialog: "The loaded file is no longer available for editing. Confirm save or discard edits and then clear the SQL editor" is displayed
SQL Editor Navigating vertically with arrow keys may change horizontal position if a line holds both TAB and SPACE characters
SQL Editor Ctrl+Left-click does not trigger the popup menu
Scripts An exception may occur when filtering and expanding/selecting nodes
Scripts Duplicating file in Scripts tab ruins file extension. "name.sql1" instead of "name1.sql"
Scripts Drag & drop of file to folder containing a file with the same name gives an error
Table Data Editor Unable to save data grid changes when table names containing spaces
Table Data Editor Force close of an object view tab while saving table data edits may result in an error

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