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G2: 4.6/5

G2 was established in 2012 with the purpose to provide businesses with a tool to be able to make better buying decisions. G2 collects authentic reviews about software and professional services.

Highest rated solution

DbVisualizer has received top scores in G2 reviews and we are proud to be ranked as #no 1 in both user satisfaction and usability within the Database Management Systems Software category. DbVisualizer Free is also ranked as the #1 free tool in the same category.

Trust through reviews

G2 creates invaluable trust for our software peer to peer in real time. DbVisualizer is continuously developed with a user centric approach and user feedback is an important part of making a great database client.

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Great feedback from great users.

DbVisualizer is a G2 Leader among database management software.

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The ability to connect to multiple database types, multiple database connections per database, it’s flexibility and ease of use, and access to all database components in an intuitive manner. When support is required, which is seldom, quick and meaningful responses are received
Dan H, President
Fast to change connection between database. showing results number and the time spend for my queries. Editing data has never been easier. Getting DbVisualiser increased our production time by getting all information needed much more quickly!
Marc-Andre R

SourceForge: 4.9/5

SourceForge is a software discovery platform for both business software and open source software. Established in 1999 they connect more than 30 million monthly users with open source projects and business softwares.

SourceForge partner

We are happy to have partnered up with SourceForge in 2021, further improving our software and possibilities to take part in user feedback.

Users love DbVisualizer

DbVisualizer has been top rated by our users on SourceForge.

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Ease of use and ability to set-up numerous connections for easy access to our customers databases for support of issues. Not only have we used to pinpoint issues when a customer has “flubbed” their data but it makes correctly the issues much easier.
Lisa S, Systems Analyst/Account Manager
I like how I can connect to all of my database engines, especially EXASOL and MS SQL Server. The console is very intuitive and a breeze to use.
Tip S, Administrator, Deployment

Capterra: 4.8/5

Capterra is part of the Gartner Digital Marketing brands and their mission is to provide you as a software buyer with the information you need to make the right purchasing decisions.

Value for buyers

Capterra is free of use for buyers and gives us as a software provider a great platform to collect feedback and show transparency on our product peer to peer.

Our rating is high

We are happy to have received great reviews from our users that show our product is easy to use and a powerful database client for multi database use.

For more information please read our reviews on Capterra

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Having used DBVisualizer for more than 10 years, it is my ‘go to’ tool for Database mapping and exploration, direct querying and query building.
Nick C, Manager Reporting and Analytics
Really like the ease of use. It’s reliable, dependable and just a workhorse to query your database. Like the fact that the updates are easy to install. When I have a question and/or a problem that needs resolution, there are lots of resources available to help.
Michael S, Dean of Admission

Crozdesk: 91/100

Crozdesk uses AI and machine learning to provide software buyers with insights to compare different products. It is a discovery platform with 300+ product categories to explore.

Quality choice award

Software solutions that sets themselves apart f rom the rest of the market and get a Crozscore over 80 are awarded with this badge.

Trusted vendor

DbVisualizer is one of the software providers that has been awarded with this badge due to high estimated market presence/ market share. This is calculated by an AI ranking algorithm and only 20% of the solutions on Crozdesk receive this badge.

Happiest users

We have a lot of happy users worldwide and are awarded with this badge for receiving a h igh amount lots of positive satisfaction signals to Crozdesk.

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TrustRadius: 8.3/10

TrustRadius provides buyers and vendors with trusted business technology reviews to empower buyers to make informed decisions.

Top Rated award

DbVisualizer got this award for having excellent customer satisfaction ratings based on reviews.

Quality and trust

Vendors can be listed for free and reviews can not be edited or removed by the vendor to build transparency for the buyer. The reviewers are encouraged to give honest feedback on both positive features and on areas of improvement.

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I’ve been using DbVisuallizer for over 10 years in many companies and industries. I have my own personal license. It’s a great database tool for developers that have to deal with numerous different databases. I love having a single interface to look at Oracle, MSSQL, Postgres, mysql and other DBs. It has all the features a developer could need. Highly recommended.
Uwe Hale, Software Developer