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Version 12.1 released on 2021-07-13

What's new in release 12.1

12.1 released on 2021-07-13

You are currently viewing an old version of DbVisualizer. We recommend that you check out our latest 13.0.3 version.

DbVisualizer 12.1 now available with some interesting changes. Go ahead and give it a test, start by checking the the news below.

Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.

Database profiles in DbVisualizer Free

A database profile in DbVisualizer is specific for each supported database and defines what database objects are supported, the actions to operate on them, and what viewers are available. To prepare for some really interesting future updates, we're happy to announce that database profiles are now available DbVisualizer Free.

Check the supported databases web page and the Database Specific Support to find what this means for each of these databases.

The following sample is for Oracle showing how it used to look (left) and with the change in the new version (right).

Native window decorations and embedded menu bar in Windows 10

DbVisualizer now adjusts the window decorations to match the current light or dark theme. The main menu bar is now also embedded (configurable) with the window title to comply with the most recent look and feel in Windows.

Add capability to mount any folder in the Scripts tab

A new option in the Scripts tab is to mount remote file folders. This is useful when having script files in for example DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other network folders.

Bundled demo database

To get up and running quickly, there is a new bundled demo database in DbVisualizer. This uses the embedded H2 database and comes with a full schema, including data and sample scripts. Use the demo database to quickly get started and explore the feature set in DbVisualizer.

Install it using Help->Install Demo DB and Samples.

Application Font

It is now possible to control application font in addition to Grid and Text Editor settings.

... and more

  • Improved support for rearrange of columns in grid column chooser
  • Database object filters can now be rearranged
  • Separate SQL formatter settings for SELECT and DECODE
  • General improvements in the light and dark themes

Check the release notes for all changes in DbVisualizer 12.1.

DbVisualizer 12.1

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released on 2022-03-02

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